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Video/Photo: Edgecombe County Manager Lorenzo Carmon Was Told To Address Social Services NC Fast Food & Nutrition Issue But Did He Really?

I have been hearing a lot about the NC Fast issue as it relates to the Food and Nutrition Program and that there was a request to hire some temporary workers to help out. 854 more words

Social Services Edgecombe County

Harivandana Trust Has Donated Funds for Upliftment of Deprived Populace

Harivandana Trust has been working on many social issues in our society. Mr. Darpan Shah, key person of Harivandana Trust is dedicated and enthusiastic social worker, working towards the betterment and upliftment of poor and abandoned people in our society. 269 more words

A Benevolent Person

Idolatry vs. Holy Worship of the Living God

By the world’s standards, I’m unemployed – for the first time in my entire life since I was 8 years old. By choice, I decided to follow my spirit and leave my industry, to which I had dedicated my entire life and follow God’s vision and word to me. 607 more words

Detachment and PTSD

Today I broke down in tears at a song that I have always seen as quite moving. I was happily drinking my coffee chatting to my son, making a cushion cover while he “helped” me by drawing on my scraps of material when I listened to ‘Savage Garden’ ’2 beds and a coffee machine’. 920 more words

Narcissistic Mothers: "the golden child and the black sheep"

I am sorry to say I witnessed this with my children, my eldest would elect to see me on contact (visitation) days whilst the younger would be with held.

46 more words

My Daughter

When I think about the stuff that I have done to her, I cry.

How could a Mother just abandon her child?

After Emma was born her and I moved back in with my parents. 457 more words


Davey' Coming to Europe from both Directions!

On the one hand my long term associate NICK SPITALAS  is running for MEP 

Independent, unintegrated, nonpartisan For Youth


Candidate: Nikos Spitalas