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Share to Expand Your Network

The new social era is the “Share Button”. Social sharing is critical within the online world. It expands your networks as well as your audience. 274 more words

Reality used to be a friend of mine*

It probably goes without saying that social media has changed our lives in all sorts of ways, right? But sometimes I wonder whether it’s  messing with our sense of reality. 441 more words

Social Sharing

Instagram Editing

I started investing a little more effort into my Instagram game by testing out new cameras and editing apps. But before we get too deep into this discussion, I need to say something before you even start searching for apps: there are a… 266 more words


6 tips to make your visual merchandising more effective

Visuals speak the right language. 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. One of the most powerful methods to increase online sales is through visuals. 196 more words

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Social Media is...

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Actually I was thinking that you could probably take the words ‘social media’ out of that quote, insert ‘second language education’ in their place, and then we could have yet another debate on the merits of edtech and its place in the learning of English. 95 more words


Would you ‘like’ fries with that?

It may seem an innocuous, trivial, throw-away action, but with every little social media  ‘like’ we’re giving something of ourselves away – very tiny pieces of… 373 more words

Social Sharing

Expanding Your Digital Content's Outreach Through Cutting Edge Sharing Technologies

Content is addicting, there are colossal, mountainous and titanic amounts of created content being delivered to the web every minute by online users, companies, brands to social networks. 1,053 more words

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