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Instructional Move 4: Close Reading

Three years ago, as I started my first work around close reading, Google searches revealed almost nothing. There were a couple of videos and some books but none of these were created specifically for a K-12 audience. 321 more words

Close Reading

life's mostly attitude and driving


GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — I generally agree with the sentiment that you get what you pay for, but particularly in the area of hotel breakfast. 515 more words


This Is How We Social Studies: Our History on a Stick Tour Begins!

*how we’re making 8th grade social studies fun* :)

In North Carolina, we have these nifty things that we refer to as “History on a Stick.” I know other states have them, too, but I’m not sure if all of the states do. 330 more words

Social Studies Paragraph Human Rights

3) Live freely & safely

Human right number 3 is the most important because…

                    …Freedom and safety are highly valued and important to almost anyone. Without freedom you have no choice or say for anything, you cannot say what you think, you cannot do certain things without permission and you possibly wouldn’t be able to leave the country. 17 more words

Social Studies

paragraph to explain why these articles are the least and most important

paragraph to explain why these articles are the least and most important

Treat as a slave
No one dose have the right to treat you as a slave and you should not treat anyone alse as a slave because it it your own life and you can do whatever you want in it and not what anyone alse tells u to do. 113 more words

Social Studies

Human Rights Paragraph

Human right number 1 is the most important because everyone is born equal, they have the same qualities as everyone else and respecting each other is the main points that you should remember and should not put others down.

Social Studies

Human rights

Justification for the most important human right.

Human right number 25 is the most important because ‘everyone is born equally and has the right to an adequate standard of living including food, clothing, housing and medical care, and to security at times of unemployment, sickness or old age’. 44 more words

Social Studies