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WW2 Photos and Document look back

Florida Next Generation Standard: SS.4.A.7.3: Identify Florida’s role in World War II.

Florida Next Generation Standard: Standard 24: Develop, implement, and evaluate instructional programs in ESOL, based on current trends in research and practice. 87 more words

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Florida Next Generation Standard: SS.4.A.5.1: Describe Florida’s involvement (secession, blockades of ports, the battles of Ft. Pickens, Olustee, Ft. Brooke, Natural Bridge, food supply) in the Civil War. 154 more words

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We are going on an adventure!

Florida Next Generation Standard: SS.5.A.6.1: Describe the causes and effects of the Louisiana Purchase.

Florida ESOL standard: Standard 6: Apply current and effective ESOL teaching methodologies in planning and delivering instruction to LEP/ELL students. 91 more words

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Sculpting is a great way to apply knowledge from class into a kinesthetic form. The end game is for a group of students to create a tableau. 278 more words


American Revolution Roll Call.

Florida Next Generation Standard:  SS.5.A.5.2: Identify significant individuals and groups who played a role in the American Revolution.

Florida ESOL standard: Standard 1: Conduct ESOL programs within the parameters, goals, and stipulations of the Florida Consent Decree. 203 more words

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Supply and Demand

Florida Next Generation Standard: SS.2.E.1.2: Recognize that people supply goods and services based on consumer demands.

Florida ESOL standard: Standard 14: Plan and evaluate instructional outcomes, recognizing the effects of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion on the results. 98 more words

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Happy Easter!

We all know that Ukraine is having some difficult times. This week, with Easter on it’s way, our class focused on the positive and spent some time learning about traditional Ukrainian pysanky. 49 more words

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