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Rolling out new Ontario curriculum docs

When the Ministry releases new or revised curriculum documents, it offers a series of rollouts or implementation or train-the-trainer sessions for teachers …. well maybe only to selected centrally assigned individuals who then return to their boards to impart their new-found knowledge and insights and pedagogy to the system and classroom teachers. 54 more words

Ministry Of Education

The Difference Between Success and Mastery

  • Success is an event or a moment in time, while mastery is always trying to achieve more, but never arriving to the final destination; society values mastery more.
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Human Behaviour

Great Zimbabwe Video

Hello all,

Today we started exploring the worlds of the Lost Kingdoms of Pre-Colonial Africa and began watching a BBC documentary on Great Zimbabwe. I am including a link for those students who are missing class this Friday, and possibly Saturday so they can keep up to date with the rest of us. 73 more words

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Survivor :: Academic Review Game

I needed another game today, and luckily my creative juices were flowing because I couldn’t find anything online (I absolutely scour the internet to beg, borrow, and steal ideas!). 109 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing

Using Redwood Trees as a Teaching Tool - Part 2: Fact Finding

After our success with redwood needle estimation earlier in the week, I was excited for students to read redwood books and establish their own knowledge about these awesome trees. 481 more words


This blog is a safe space for my bitch face

I know that most people use Facebook for keeping in touch or declaring milestones or sharing thought provoking articles but I use Facebook for exactly one thing: gathering evidence that what is read as a ‘bitch face’ on a female actually just passes as an ‘I’m having a good time face’ on a guy.   932 more words

Aralin sa Kaunlaran: Motivation Activity

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Sa kasalukuyan ang status ko sa buhay ay DepEd Teacher 1 position applicant dito sa amin. 394 more words

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