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Boo to lesson planning

I attempted to plan some lessons today.  I’m trying to be proactive, not to procrastinate.  I know that this Tuesday is coming and I will be back at work with my 29 sixth graders.   485 more words


Inuit Museum

I organised an Inuit museum last week. The VSB media centre has a lot of great artifacts that I borrowed for a week. I did this activity last year too and since it was a big hit with the students, I chose to repeat the experience again with Division 21 students.  151 more words

Social Studies


Bibliographic Information: Yolen, Jane. Encounter. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1996.

Brief Annotation: A small Taino Indian boy tries to warn his people of the arriving strangers, but no one will listen to his youthful knowledge. 135 more words

Social Studies

VT Right to Know Given Preliminary Approval in the Senate

Looking for a State issue for your Civics project? Read more on the H.112 bill and look at it’s affects on VT and your local community. 22 more words

Social Studies Week 6

This week we continued our work on Rural living and in particular sea life.

We have used the same materials that were posted in Week 4. 27 more words

Social Studies

Firefighters and fire safety

As we move along with our community helpers unit we learned about firefighters and watched a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood video that showed us about firefighters.  We also learned that not only do firefighters help put out fires, we also learned that they teach us about fire safety.   29 more words