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This Is How We Social Studies: The Beginnings of a Vampire Scrapbook

As I’ve mentioned before, we will be using the Vampire Carlos to help us through our North Carolina History adventures this year. As Carlos has been in North Carolina since 1382, he’s seen quite a lot of events go down. 320 more words


What a great way to teach geography and current affairs at the same time!  This interactive map shows breaking news around the world.



H.W. 22 July 14


Silent Reading Task: Read Chapter 3 – Ruling the Countryside pp 26 – 31.

Comprehension TaskAnswer the following questions in your Notebook: 101 more words

Social Studies

Teaching tragedy

As an educator I have learned over the years that I am my best with students when I am not part of the story.  A skill which I know is not easy to come by or keep up as all to often my colleagues will look at me and almost seem confused how I do not  cry or break down when something tragic has happened.   709 more words


Self Management Goals

The current topic we am learning about is Chains and Candles, I’m sure I will find this topic very interesting. My two self management goals for this topic would be; ensuring that all my work is handed in on time and to the highest standard. 19 more words

Social Studies

Chains & Candles

My 2 self management goals:

~ I need to stop talking so much during class while others are trying to work. I am going to do this by keeping quiet and making sure that I try not disturb others, unless I’m asking a question that is related to the topic. 38 more words

Social Studies

Social studies: chains and candles

Self management goals.

-I need to keep up to date with my work by doing some everyday and not distracting other people or by being distracted! 59 more words

Social Studies