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13 Colonies Regions

This resource is great for teachers! It has a lot of words and information that may be overwhelming for younger students, however the page is a great place for teachers to brush up on their content about the regions that the 13 colonies were subdivided into. 100 more words

Treasure Hunt with Explorers

This website is absolutely amazing for new teachers. Not only does it give you information about actual Explorers, such as Lewis and Clark and Ferdinand Magellan, it also gives you really cool Treasure Hunts, which are activities for the students to do. 54 more words

US History

Explorer Route Maps

This activity is just one small part of “Mr. Nussbaum! Learning and Fun”. This page allows you and your students to map the voyage routes of several different explorers! 78 more words

Teaching with Maps--National Education Association

The website that National Education Association provides to teach mapping offers many different resources. Mainly, this website is a great resource for teachers; it presents supportive material for lessons, as well as lessons themselves. 80 more words

Social Studies

All About Explorers!

This website is a great resource for teachers when they are planning lessons on different explorers. This site has a list of different lesson plans and handouts that teachers can use when they are teaching about explorers. 97 more words

Social Studies


This website is a great resource for teachers when they are planning a lesson on explorers. This site gives biographies on various explorers. There are many different activities on the site that students can do to learn more about the different explorers. 64 more words

Social Studies

American Revolution (Lesson Ideas & Interactive Timeline)

These lesson ideas that were created for the American Revolution can be used and adapted for grades 3-12. The students are able to use an interactive timeline to discover when the events happened during this war. 85 more words

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