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Anuncio de la Semana # 5/ 5th Week Update

7vo Grado

Unidad-Decisiones en Little Rock

El Legado de la Segregación

Esta semana estaremos discutiendo: como  dividiendo las personas por raza ha tenido consecuencias serias y duraderas en E.U.A. 92 more words

Social Studies

Sept. 23

Grade 6 – 7:  Students are moving on to chapter 3 where we are studying the Dakota.  This is a short chapter that uses storytelling to explain the seasons. 47 more words

Social Studies

Tragedy Tourism

So there is this amazing television program and those of you, like me, who have a lot of time on your hands and a subscription to netflix probably know it–The Forgotten Planet.   336 more words


YouTube Link

Our Sunny Sweetcorn field trip is now on YouTube. Here is the link

Social Studies


Essays are the bane of my existence, why you ask? Well, see, it wasn’t always this way but my high school has developed this policy of writing your essays in class because teachers don’t want you copying your work off of the internet. 253 more words