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The Cup of Sugar and Bad Cold Defense

by Anita Dellaria
Elementary/Middle Schools Program Manager
Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago

“‘Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in,’ said the Wolf. 615 more words

Socials Studies - Drama Integration

The grade 6 Socials Studies unit is well underway now. After creating our unit together as a class, we’ve been making our way through the different topics that were suggested during our first introductory class. 531 more words


Photo Mapo

I have a bad habit of downloading apps that look interesting and then forgetting to try them.  Photo Mapo is a free iOS app that should not be overlooked. 244 more words



We are getting ready to kick-off our unit for Japan.  In preparation for our “trip,” the students will be creating business cards called meishi.  In preparing for my own travels to Japan a few years ago, I discovered that there is a whole protocol for exchanging meishi with another person.   217 more words

Social Studies

Activities: Page 12 - Chapter 1

Three reasons why Rome succeeded as a civilization;

  1. Fertile soil.
  2. Plenty of rainfall and sunshine.
  3. Moderate climate

Describe Rome’s legacy to future generations.

Rome gave future generations: 61 more words


My Legacy as a Social Studies Educator

“Imagine it is the end of your career as a teacher and you are closing the door of your classroom for the last time. You turn the key in the lock and seal a lifetime of work dedicated to students and the pursuit of learning. 766 more words

Questions for an Astronaut (4/8/14)

Today we got to go back to the Lab School to introduce an exciting project to the students! On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, the Lab School students and the Butler teachers will talk to real astronauts on the international space station via Skype! 544 more words

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