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Chains and Candles - The Most Important Humans Right

Human right number 1 is the most important because without it people would have all their rights take away from them, certain people would be treated in an ill and unfriendly manner which can lead to depression and furthermore people would have the wrong understanding of ethics and how other people should be treated. 45 more words

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Justification for the most important human right.

Human right number 30 is the most important because every right in its own way is important and defines the right of many different situations and rule 30 depicts that these rules stay the same at all times no matter what. 39 more words

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Rights paragraph

I believe that right number 2 is the most important because no matter what race, sex or colour you are, everybody should be treated equally. For example, a ordinary American man should defiantly be treated the same as a woman in South Africa but in today’s society, they aren’t just because their skin colour is different, they are different genders and because they are part of a different race. 96 more words

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Sc studies paragraph

-Everyone has the right to be treated equally by the law

Human right number 6 is the most important because this makes you have the right to do whatever by law. 23 more words

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Even though I find some of the others like, number 26 the right to free education or number 5 no one has the right to hurt or torture you, I find number 19 the right to say what you want and receive information the most important. 55 more words

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Most important human right paragraph

Human right number 2 is the most important in my opinion, this right states that every human being is equal no matter what skin colour or religion you believe in, and I strongly believe in this. 44 more words