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It is hard to believe that this semester has come to and end. I have to say that I learned so much through my classes, but mostly through my practicum. 1,863 more words

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Specialist classes

Art this year was fun and I enjoyed making my clay sculpture and painting it. In digital tech we have done phishing, cyber bulling, and we are working on cyber safety. 66 more words

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Did you miss class on Tuesday 25? Social Studies

Well… if you missed class on Tuesday 25/11… watch the following before Friday and I will give you questions to reflect upon.



Social Studies

1 - Thailand bans Hunger Games


The new Hunger Games Movie has reportedly been banned from a number of cinemas in Thailand after protesters adopted the film’s hand gesture as an anti-authority symbol. 155 more words

Social Studies

All Things Medieval website

All Things Medieval http://medieval.stormthecastle.com/

Everything you can think about that relates to Medieval Times and creating a Renaissance Fair for students is made easy with everything on one site. 407 more words

Social Studies/History

Royal Berkshire History For Kids website

Royal Berkshire History For Kids http://berkshirehistory.com/kids/index.html

This site, created and maintained by David Nash Ford, is a good resource for supplemental Medieval Activities. These can be viewed before purchasing. 406 more words

Social Studies/History

Medieval Europe: Feudalism video

Medieval Europe: Feudalism video

This video gives a quick overview of some of the aspects of life in the Middle Ages. Information on Feudalism in Europe, Serfs, Knights, and Tournaments is given with live action re-enactments. 320 more words

Social Studies/History