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Third Grade Curriculum - September

I will try to get next month up before we start, we started the last week of August. Here is an overview of what I hope to accomplish in the month of September. 861 more words


September is nearly here!

And I have an announcement! I’m trying to work more with blog themes, whether they are daily, weekly, or monthly. The daily and weekly themes I have pretty much down. 281 more words


Maps and GPS

We have been learning about different types of maps and key terms used when reading maps.  The end of chapter 1, lesson 2 (pages 24 – 25)  features information on the future of navigation and the use of satellites of the Global Positioning System, of GPS.   8 more words
Social Studies

Sticky Sort and Ideas for Building Background

I had a good lesson today in social studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I love when that happens!

Essential Question: What was North America like before Europeans arrived? 236 more words
Standard 1: Academic Performance

Self Management Reflection

In social studies this term I have achieved a high level of self management. This is because I have been looking on Ultranet and checking if I am up to date with my current work. 135 more words

Social Studies

Successful Self Management and Independent Learning style

My self management goals were to get my work finished and handed in on time and to not talk as much.          I think that I am a little bit rusty in regards to getting my work finished but I am sure that if i dug in a little bit more and did some of it for homework then I would quite easily be able to finish it and be able to hand it in on time. 121 more words

Social Studies

Self Management Learning Intentions

At the moment in the term I feel that I have been keeping up with the work at a good pace. Because i have been away a few times i have missed out on some important lessons which lead to me being behind everyone else. 118 more words

Social Studies