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Today’s Apps Are Turning Us Into Sociopaths

Ultimately, the reason technologies like BroApp are problematic is that they’re deceptive. They take situations where people make commitments to be honest and sincere, but treat those underlying moral values as irrelevant — or, worse, as obstacles to be overcome. 37 more words


issues i had with the internet today

that title is kind of a lie, but go with it.

in case you have been really busy playing the kardashian game or maybe watching some episode on netflix for the sixteenth time, you haven’t been checking out actual cool shit that’s available to you thanks to the internet and a much better waste of your time. 58 more words

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There’s few things that grind my gears more than what you’re going to see below. As an ex-community manager and content producer – seeing these sorts of threads literally makes me want to slap every ^community manager listed below and on the internet everywhere across the face for letting their standards go so low as to use copy and paste support messaging. 533 more words

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Social Tech expands to the internet: SocialTech.in - our new very own website/blog!

We now have our own website/blog available at web-address: socialtech.in . Hooray!!! =)

I started it not so long time ago as my personal WP blog but then decided to dedicate it for our Social Tech community and maybe now we will grow like crazy! 50 more words


How to create a billion dollar company?

How to create a billion dollar company? Peter Diamandis puts it simply… #socialtech


More for Less: A Break Through for those on the Frontline Fighting Malaria?

This is a blog I wrote for start up I am helping with, they are testing a technology with a huge potential in the fight against the world’s biggest killer. 296 more words


#HuriLab: Human rights and social tech – a mashup

This post originally appeared on Voices from Eurasia in July 2013.

Last weekend nine teams from eight countries converged on Armenia to build ventures that advance human rights and increase access to justice.   568 more words

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