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Libya’s Descent Into Chaos: Warring Clans And Its Impact On Regional Stability

By Dario Cristiani

Since the outbreak of the Libyan revolution in 2011 and the collapse of Mu’ammar Qaddafi’s Jamahiriya (Republic of the Masses), Libya has fallen into a process of constant and ever deeper chaos, which has lately reached a new climax. 2,535 more words

Frontier Markets

End of the West and Jesus has a big stick.

The original graphic can be found HERE. The data above will be startling if not unbelievable to most people. After all, normalcy bias is, well, the norm!   516 more words


Bruno Torturra: Got a smartphone? Start broadcasting - Filmed October 2014 at TEDGlobal 2014

In 2011, journalist Bruno Torturra covered a protest in São Paulo which turned ugly. His experience of being teargassed had a profound effect on the way he thought about his work, and he quit his job to focus on broadcasting raw, unedited experiences online. 36 more words


Camp Life, The Woman’s Dreadnought, Saturday 19 December 1914

The Woman’s Dreadnought

Saturday 19 December 1914

Camp Life

A poor woman of Bow … was surprised to find her husband come home, a runaway, from camp after ten days.

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News From 1914-18

Police State Follow-up : Live by the sword, die by the sword

So far as I can determine, the evidence shows Trevon Martin and Michael Brown were just thugs that resorted to violence so fell to violence.  Not really a black vs. 468 more words


Shutting Down Pakistan: The March on Islamabad (Dispatch 4) - Vice News Published on Dec 15, 2014

After more than 100 days of ongoing protests in Pakistan, Imran Khan, the leader of the country’s opposition Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI), has called on his supporters to “shut down” every major city. 66 more words