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Mismash of life

Things are still uncertain in our home… But opportunities for my work keep presenting themselves and for this I am excited! I am waiting to hear if I get a position I applied for working directly with homeless and vulnerable people. 170 more words


What Do You Do? Cocktails and Social Work Roles.

I recently attended a creative exhibit sponsored by a friend’s nonprofit organization when one of the guests there struck up a conversation with me.  Naturally, being in New York, it’s interesting how we often jump to asking someone about what they do before even remembering their name. 380 more words

Pass The LMSW Exam

Difference Between Shyness & Introversion Using Star Trek Characters

People often confuse shyness and introversion, thinking they’re the same thing, or not understanding how someone could be introverted but not shy.

Shyness is social anxiety, and it’s something we all experience to varying degrees. 159 more words


Living the Good Life: Dream BIG

In my life, I’ve always played it safe. Some of you may know what I’m talking about. I’ve always done things the way they are ‘supposed’ to be done. 751 more words


This was our childhood

*Trigger warning: contains memories about domestic violence.

I can’t remember the first instance of abuse in my life. I’ve been told that when I was born my father and mother really loved each other. 2,495 more words


Talking to a first-year MSW student about the challenges of school social work

This Thursday afternoon I was in the school lounge, working on my report for my supervisor at my internship. As I was about to be done with it, a power surge occurred with all the computers connected to the network and all the computer in the student lounge rebooted themselves. 1,295 more words


#SocialWork Soundtrack- Track #4 "Peace, Love, and Understanding" by Elvis Costello

A long time ago I was wondering if social work (and other helping professions) had a soundtrack. It has been several months since a song hit me, but I heard this earlier today. 14 more words

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