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The Poverty Paradox

You cannot end poverty because people who have money are selfish.  They weren’t necessarily born that way; money makes them that way.  Comfort makes you less able to understand and sympathize with the failings and mistakes of other people; and as you experience fewer mistakes and failings, you tend to become even less able to sympathize.  191 more words

Here and Now

The population I serve is mostly in their 80’s or 90’s.  And most have been given a diagnosis of Senile Dementia, indicating late onset, with a possible add-on of Complications from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease.  714 more words


Do you want to plant the seeds or see the flowers?

I am a social worker and this week at work I got very discouraged with myself because I felt like I was making no progress with my clients. 146 more words


The Good And The Bad With The Transition To Wordpress dot Org

Hi all-

Things have been quite busy the last month or so. I may post about that in the future, because it is good news. Part of the good news allowed me finally to make the leap from WP.com to WP.Org. 186 more words


past the cover: how having an invisible illness made me a more empathic social worker

The first time I heard a fellow social worker say, out loud, “If you come in with a coach bag and manicured nails and tell me you’re on welfare, you’re damn right I’m going to judge you,” I almost cried. 3,325 more words

Social Work

NAMI | About Public Policy

For those of you who are interested in mental health there are so many ways to get involved. Here you can learn about Advocacy and Public Policy through the National Alliance of Mental Illness in the United States.

NAMI | About Public Policy.

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Another job opening in NYC, this time it’s for a social worker. Don’t forget to check out the related video. Enjoy!