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Addressing the Social Media Faux Pas

The eye-opening truth of the situation today is that ‘The World Is Online.’ Irrespective of the miles and the varying time zones people are accessible. The explosion of social networking has encouraged people to find their voices and to get noticed. 964 more words


Something new I'm giving a shot

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Sustainable Business Practices

Fair trade, living wages, packaging made from recycled products, subtracting carbon emissions, no harmful synthetic agents, salvaged or recycled waste, bio-diesel, and 100% renewable energy. Sound too good to be true? 848 more words

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Market Driven Restoration

Waylon Lewis is an editor for the Huffington Post who writes monthly articles about various ‘green companies’. He seems to be quite pessimistic about these small businesses, believing that after only a few years of operation they will sell out to ‘the man’. 617 more words

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How a History of Exploitation has turned into a Sustainable Industry

Yerba mate has been a part of South American culture for many centuries. It is a communal ‘Drink of the Gods’ that is deeply rooted in the tradition of many people groups. 593 more words

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How much Power do you give the Powerbar?

Powerbars are associated with athletes and in many cases people will even substitute an energy bar as a “healthy” meal option. Powerbars attract a large target market especially with all the specific types of bars it offers. 366 more words


See which of Indonesia’s airlines are losing or winning at social media (INFOGRAPHIC)

Airlines need to be good at social media. If someone gets bad service from an airline, people are likely to mention it on social media; and if a flight is delayed, grounded fliers have a lot of spare time to gripe about it. 190 more words