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In Australia..

  1. Tim Tams are the solution to every world problem; it’s a solid commitment, in sadness and in health.
  2. Where else is the world would ‘Havaianas’ be fashionable?
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Expand Your Comfort Zone Today

Looking back, all the valuable skills I ever learned required a phase of discomfort. The first time you try something new you have no idea what you are doing and that would make anyone uncomfortable. 746 more words


Social Media branding

Here we offer you advice, guidance and best practice to using social media platforms for your academic and future professional career success. We hope to offer you some insight as to what you should be posting on your social media pages as well as informing you that you should be aware of inappropriate things you post online, which may stand in the way of you getting a job as this is a place where potential employers would look to find out more about you. 928 more words


More Than 200,000 Photographers Have Participated In EyeEm’s “Missions” For Brands

Whenever a new social network or online community springs up, it seems pretty inevitable that brands will eventually try to build a presence there. Naturally, this can cause lots of handwringing and eye-rolling — that’s why emphatically ad-free social networks like Ello attract a lot of interest, but… 566 more words


Greece Elects Anti-Capitalist Govt: Part 1

It is a notable day in history as Greece voted to change its economic course to a much, much more collectivist political ideology. Will this be good for the economy or worse? 784 more words


our favorite instagramers

‹instagram is our favorite social media.  we like the simplicity and creativity of it- there are so many things to post and to look at! 98 more words


WATCH: Man Opens a Beer With his Butt Cheeks


They say it couldn’t be done, but this man’s ass just proved all the haters wrong.

This man from Chile just opened up a beer bottle top by squeezing his ass cheeks around it. 27 more words