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The Ideal Length of Everything Online

A short but insightful read from blogger Kevin Lee who has brought together various sources to find the ideal length of social posts.

There are some nice nuggets in here, including tweets needing to be around 100 characters, domain names under 8 characters and that an article title should have around 6 words. 65 more words

Social Signals & Authority on Google

What is the value of social media buttons on your website and blog pages? Tony Gavin presents an interesting take on what Matt Cutts has to say about this.

Sportul ar trebui să facă parte din viața fiecăruia şi trebuie înţeleasă importanţa lui!

Sportul este mai mult decât mișcare, este un mod de viață care îți schimbă percepția asupra lumii și îți acordă șansa de a valorifica mai bine lucrurile care contează. 409 more words


"X-Men: Days of the Future Past" Official Trailer is a Go!

There goes the third and the final official trailer of “X-Men: Days of the Future Past”, where the plot is heavily focused and Logan’s (Wolverine) role in that plot. 69 more words


First Aid Talk

Dot Marsden demonstrating the use of steri strips on her “Patient”! Thanks Dot for an excellent talk about first aid kits and hints on first aid in general.


learning got easy

BrainPop consumes hundred of animated movies and interactive games and quizzes. for grades 3 and up. their resources are used for schools, at home, even if your on the go. 151 more words


Let you decide your destiny

“Our life is what we made it”. In the words of  Charles du bcos, french critic and essayist   “we must be prepared at any moment to sacrifice who we are and for who we are capable of becoming “……………. 309 more words