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Grassroots Campaign or Celebrity Endorsement: Which Strategy Is Best for Your Brand’s Story?

It’s 11 p.m., and you’re in your local big-box store. You’ve got a package of white sports socks in each hand, and you’re trying to figure out which one to buy. 667 more words


Why Your Customers Will Make or Break Your Marketing

Is your ad performance tanking and you’re struggling to meet your conversion quota? You’re not alone. In an increasingly mobile and media-oversaturated world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gain consumers’ attention.Why is it so much harder now to advertise online?There’s a shift in control from business to consumer In the past, marketers had full access to the keywords that bring people to a website in Google Analytics. 746 more words


Blogging Checklist: Write Awesome Blogs and Get Them Found

You are probably reading this because you know that quality content creation is a fundamental part of your company’s digital presence and overall success. You may also know that a lot of other people know that these days, and the net result is a whole lot of content “noise” (the bad stuff) degrading the “signal” (the good stuff). 785 more words


Digital & Social - From Marketer's Agenda to a Larger Organizational Agenda. Perspectives and Experiences

Digital as an operating principle in organizations has always been a topic very close to my heart. Very recently I was invited to be a part of a panel discussion in… 151 more words

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Facebook and Yahoo prevent use of recycled email addresses to hijack accounts

Facebook and Yahoo have developed a mechanism to prevent the owners of recycled email addresses from hijacking accounts that were registered on other sites using those addresses in the past. 253 more words


Storytelling Using Social Media: 9 Way to Tell Your Story [SLIDESHARE]

In my recent blog post “Personal Branding 101: Whats Your Story” I discussed the importance of story telling and understanding what your story is before you worry about building a personal brand. 233 more words


Rap Video Parodies Australian Prime Minister Ahead of G20 Summit


Warning: Video above is NSFW

MELBOURNE — Stimulating growth and creating jobs will be high on the agenda at next month’s G20 summit in Brisbane… 101 more words