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Greedy capitalists continue to hoard their cash

Greedy capitalists continue to hoard their cash as the rest of us suffer. Need more government asap.

Tolstoy and the Shaker

The work Pat and I do together leads us on some fascinating detours. While we were researching the Shakers for our multiple-award-winning novel Anna’s World… 504 more words

Thinking About Story …

Politics and The Cliched Language

This article with an intentionally awfully-punned title is about The Adolf Hitler of Language: Cliches

In 1946, George Orwell wrote his most well-known essay “Politics and the English Language” 1,413 more words

Hands That Build The Universe

The old native spiritual echoes in the background. As times struck the dial, a man plunges into the hard cracked ground, one pound then the other. 614 more words

The socialist footnote

One of the great contributions to literature is what may be called the socialist footnote, or, rather, the communist party footnote. These immensely pleasurable texts appear, for instance, in the footnotes for each volume of Stalin’s… 151 more words


With a discussion of initial conditions, transition policies and growth; what can we learn from transition economies in the Former Soviet Union?

It’s a truism to say that all countries experienced large output declines at the beginning of their transition paths. However, in the former Soviet Union (FSU) the experiences of different republics varied. 2,402 more words