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Regina Saphier: Corrupt Dictatorships Kidnap Societies

Regina Saphier: Corrupt Dictatorships Kidnap Societies

Political Systems Are Able to Powerfully Distort Behavior Using the Channels of Peer Pressure and Social Networks: A quick look at corrupt dictatorial socialism, democratic socialism, liberal capitalism… “good” societies… “bad” societies… and my memories of Hungary before 1989… 5,385 more words

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More on misguided Public Health agencies and political correctness

I read this short essay by Heather MacDonald that I put up yesterday again last night–and think it deserves more attention. 709 more words


When one of the choices is both the same

If the title to this post seems confusing, consider how the Progressive policies of the Obama Administration and the Congress appear. Those powers complain that the rich business owners won’t hire, are suppressing wages and dropping health insurance causing a bite in wage take home values. 421 more words

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AS task: parties and ideologies

Now you’re well-informed about the basics of parties (broad historical outline, leadership, general policy areas, number of MPs and regional representation etc) it’s time to delve into their history a little bit, and to move over to the political philosophy that underpins them. 279 more words


£1bn a year in benefit fraud...£34bn a year in uncollected tax - which would you target?

I was thinking of Anthony Crosland yesterday when the coalition government announced yet another crackdown on benefit fraud.

In 1956 the Labour politician Crosland, having lost his Parliamentary seat in the 1955 election, was able to finish wroting and publish  816 more words


Who Is Che Guevara? A Sketch of the Philosophy of an Iconic Revolutionary

“Che Guevara” is a name that pairs with revolution as well as Marlon Brando does with acting. In the Western world, he is almost exclusively known from his legendary photograph Guerrillero Heroico taken by Alberto Korda in 1960 and then processed and commodified into an equally famous T-shirt. 2,870 more words

Evo Morales has proved that socialism doesn’t damage economies

The Guardian , Tuesday 14 October 2014

Bolivia’s re-elected president has dumbfounded critics in Washington, the World Bank and the IMF.

Evo Morales in the runup for the vote at the inauguration of a thermo-electric plant in Yacuiba in September 2014. 795 more words

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