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Final Proposal: Socialism in the interwar period

For my final project, I am thinking about attempting a rather political undergoing, in analyzing the socialist sentiments underlying some of the works of the interwar period that we have examined in this class. 429 more words

What difference does it make?

Things atheists and the religious should be able to agree on:

  • The poor should be fed
  • There should be world peace

Whether or not we came from monkeys, both groups should be able to agree on such things. 167 more words

The Daily Servant of Power

Today’s servant of power is:

George Orwell

This doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything from 1984 or that I disagree with his observations. Unfortunately, human beings  45 more words

Excessive inequality is disastrous for the majority.

Voters who don’t benefit from inequality should stop voting for political parties who do benefit from it.

Global giants in the Banking sector like Credit Suisse openly admit that high GDP growth & Investor Returns DON’T go together so you’re a fool if you believe ANC & DA politicians who say the rich can grow richer without sucking the already suffering SA majority even drier. 1,375 more words

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