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Barking & Dagenham Post

A few weeks ago the Barking & Dagenham Post reported several Councillors had left the Labour Party and moved to other parties, some to UKIP and some to The Socialist Labour Party like me.  1,080 more words

Sometimes You Have Too Pay The Piper.

One thing that has me worried about the coming week is that our food storage has gotten low and we have to pay some bills that we were not counting on. 568 more words

Time for a change!

Recently I felt I could no longer represent The Labour Party after more than 50 years of active membership.  The Labour Party that I felt passionate about, campaigned for and gave my loyalty too, clearly no longer represents the real ‘working people’ like myself.  865 more words

USAID plot to destabilize Cuba exposed

USAID plot to destabilize Cuba exposed.

USAID plot to destabilize Cuba


Agency set up US-funded “Cuban Twitter” to

spread rumors and unrest

By  545 more words


Intellectual propaganda against all forms of commerce

In Britain in the 1970s, it was, writes Dalrymple,

very necessary to try to undo the effect of many years of intellectual propaganda against all forms of commerce, which the intelligentsia then thought was intrinsically besmirching in a way that public service funded by taxation was not.

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"I don't care who delivers a socialist NHS"

A lot of people are still banking on Labour for providing the ‘alternative’ to neoliberal policies for the NHS.

It’s not helped with Martin Rathfelder questioning so openly the principle of the comprehensive delivery of healthcare with the following… 329 more words