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Is British Socialism Anti-Imperialist?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

I remember learning that I was a ‘Marxist’, I also remember being told that as a Marxist I wasn’t supposed to believe something I believed. 698 more words


The teenage toff killed by a bear: the “politics of envy?"

By Paul Gravett

Via Red Black Green

The Socialist Wankers Party has been in the news again. What for now, you may ask. The SWP were once the biggest party to the left of Labour but in the past decade they have been in free-fall – riven by splits and a scandal involving female members being sexually abused by a leading apparatchik. 780 more words

Tychy@ the Fringe: According To His Need.

Nick (Michael-David Mckernan) is your average everyday bloke, or at least he is up to the moment when he joins a Trotskyite political party in order to get laid. 491 more words

Fringe Review

Socialists Attack Danny Shine and Luke Rudkowski, Then Run To Police?

In this video Luke Rudkowski films Danny Shine as he goes about his day interacting with people on the megaphone. Even though Danny dislikes labels, I personally think he can be best described as a contrarian so when he saw the socialist workers party out gathering emails, this happened. 146 more words

We Are Change

Moving Right - the Scottish Left and the Indy Ref

by Vince Mills

One of the interesting, though perhaps more bizarre aspects of the current independence debate in Scotland is how some sections of the Scottish Left have been shifting to the right and even slipping into the nationalist camp, apparently without noticing it; others have adopted a strategy which hints at radical change but in their effort to achieve this, promote its ideological antithesis. 1,303 more words