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Gorky Receives Cold Reception in New York Because of Puritanism

The San Francisco Call April 14, 1906

Gorky Scandalizes the New Yorkers

Accompanied on Trip to the United States by Russian Actress

The New York admirers of Maxim Gorky have been divided into two camps by an embarrassing discovery which was made on Gorky’s arrival, and was then whispered around among the circles of socialists, revolutionists and literary folk who flocked to his camp. 221 more words

The United Socialist States of America

electric shock
can’t make it stop
brain fried
should’ve died

prescription pills
that make us kill
reduced to nil
by the US bill

-cameron eckelberry


A Tortured Defense Of Animal Torture

On a whim, I decided to see if there were ever a Conservative defense of Animal Rights published anywhere in the country.
I was certainly unfamiliar with any by a Republican politician or a prominent Conservative spokesperson. 192 more words

Animal Rights

If it’s such a privilege, why do they have to stick a gun in your face?

from Sovereign Man:

Two. Billion. Hours.

That’s how much time people in the Land of the Free waste each year preparing and filing their tax forms to the IRS– roughly 13 hours for each of the ~150 million individual returns filed. 158 more words


Part 1A – A Word about the Constitution and our Government - Guest Commentary

I made a plea for closer adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in my first blog in this series. A close and (Constitutionally knowledgeable) friend of mine, John, sent me comments on my posting and included brief primer on the Constitution and Government. 1,060 more words

Viewpoint From Pelham

Obamacare WILL Force Bio-Electronic “Wearable Tech” on People to Monitor Your Health in Real Time

from Mark Dice:

Obamacare WILL Force Bio-Electronic “Wearable Tech” on People to Monitor Your Health in Real Time.


What looks like a conservative but acts like a socialist

Evidently my political expressions are not received as well as my art, for politics is the bare raw bottom of society and opinion, apparently peoples opinions are something, which most everyone can have on their own, even when wrong and absent of something called the truth. 210 more words