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I can’t let the news get to me.  That’s not it though.  I’m a little concerned for my ex-sister-in-law.  She’s becoming a bit too radical for my tastes.  125 more words


The Invite

As I’ve grown up and older, forming bonds of differing strengths with people, I have learned that we all had very different childhoods. I thought for a long time that I was the only one “suffering” through the young years and hoping that in adult life things would change. 339 more words


Getting Emotional Needs Met

I spent the day with my mother and brother and his new girlfriend who turned out to be quite lovely. The experience I had with my family was a lot better than the experience I had at work. 302 more words


If you try to passively listen to a conversation, then the participants will slowly force you out

On the FB comments for my post on including people in your conversations, someone said that talking to strangers hovering at the edge of your conversations might unnerve people with social anxiety and give them panic attacks. 513 more words



Since my last blog post, I’ve learned three things about myself. First, I’m afraid to get close to people. I remember how my parents walked me to my first day of nursery school, and left when I wasn’t looking. 252 more words

Struggling With Unequal Conversations

There are times when speaking to people is insanely boring. I had a customer on my job the other day who spoke at me incessantly about his trip abroad and all the things that interest him. 264 more words



Last night I went to the local gay bar with some friends for country line dancing. I just learned gay country line dancing is a thing. 120 more words

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