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Collaborative Rumination: The Benefits of Breaking Bread with Brothers

What did Jesus’ bro-night look like ?  While he often slipped off to be alone with his Father, Jesus also made sure to spend quality time with his disciples.   916 more words


Ten Reasons Why I'm Not At That Blog-Thing

1.  California is way on the other side of the country.  Definitely not a day trip.

2.  People.  People, everywhere.  So many people…

3.  Conferences are work, right?   375 more words


I Know What's Missing

There is something missing. I know what that something is. I need to stop isolating myself. I have to get out and socialize. That scares me though. 61 more words

My Life

In Field Report #2 + Infield Lessons

Infield from last night

I had been working all day from morning until night. My buddy told me to approach and so I did. First set was extremely awkward, but it was just for me to get out of the zombie mode I was in. 248 more words


“Quiero aprender a hablar muy bien español”

If there was one thing that turned things around for me in Spain, it was Spanish- language school. Set in a few tiny rooms in a square that held one of the most famous Cristos of Semana Santa, Maus school was and still is run by two long-time friends who spent a lot of energy helping us learn the language in the least institutionalised way possible. 367 more words

Non Classé

Irreverent Past?

I was about to cry in therapy today.  I brought up my dad mistakenly.  Oh well.  I said everything that needed to be said.  I do have regrets, but there is nothing I can do about that.  116 more words

My Life

An Introduction to Introductions

In New York, you meet new people everyday. Of course, you meet new people in every other city in the world, as well, but New York is an entirely different story. 383 more words