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Social Media For The Socially Awkward

Judging by the title, you probably think this post is a “how-to.” It isn’t. I don’t have any tips on using social media when you’re socially awkward. 268 more words

Holly M. Campbell


Will I be remembered?

It is an idea that haunts me.

No I am no longer afraid of death or disease. I am afraid of pain and the idea that if I die nothing but worthless items will be left. 287 more words



Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…

Do you ever come home from a social gathering, you were trying so hard to fit in and be a grown-up with grown-up friends; and as you are thinking over the event and conversations that were had, do you ever find yourself physically cringing from something you said? 189 more words

Hybrid Showdown!

You know that scene in the movies where two souped-up muscle cars pull up to a stoplight, side by side, and start revving their engines loudly as the tough-guy drivers stare each other down before peeling out and racing off once the light turns green? 101 more words

Word Blurb

22 Confessions Shy People Will Never Tell You

By Alexa Alvarez of Buzzfeed

1. You should know that being quiet doesn’t mean we’re judging you.

New Line Cinema / Via pandawhale.com

I mean. Unless we are. 624 more words


Social Life in Southeast Asia and in America

I already made a friend here ^.^ She is very funny and nice, and today we went around the city on her motorbike. Ho Chi Minh City’s traffic is crazy, but she was very good at moving through it. 1,602 more words

Practice Date???

So my friend Eddie is very socially awkward . He spends his time playing the Dynasty video game,watching TV shows with his mother and talking to me of course! 95 more words

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