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137. Love from your secret admirer

When a socially awkward postman falls for the new pathological pen pal on his mail route, he begins to deliver his own love letters along with her pile of amorous mail in the hopes she will respond, but as she begins to fall for him in real life, he must keep his secret admirer identity from her or risk losing the one relationship he can no longer put into words alone.


If ever.

If ever I had a wish, or a power of sorts, I would wish for the gift of invisibility. For a long time now, I’ve taken a liking to that fantasy. 694 more words

Passing Thoughts

43 Yr Old Virgin

And no, I’m NOT referring to myself ;)

Was watchin a bit of “the 40 Yr Old Virgin” when it hit me.. Holy fucking balls, I think I actually dated that man! 578 more words

Battling Social Awkwardness.

Today i want to share something i have never shared with anyone else before, because sharing is also a part of healing and not a tactic to garner sympathy votes as a couple of people might want to believe. 1,606 more words


Pretty sure something is wrong with me

I’m not sure why I am this way, but I’m pretty sure I have some serious issues.
Any time I hear somebody talking quietly, or if I hear any feminine pronouns in a quiet conversation, or people laughing, I always feel it’s about me. 293 more words

Socially Awkward

Have you ever noticed how people behave in their automobiles?

Have you ever been at a red light and looked… I mean really looked…at the person in the car on your right, or on your left? 1,485 more words


Reviewmendation: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guy's Fault I'm Not Popular (Watamote)

I recently finished the 4th volume of the manga “No Matter How I Look At It, It’s Your Guy’s Fault I’m Not Popular!” better known as Watamote. 630 more words