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The First Awkward Drop-by

Almost every pastor’s wife has a story about when a member dropped by unexpectedly at a really bad time.  We’ve only been here a month and I’ve already created my first awkward drop-by situation. 451 more words


INFJ — Lost in Complexities

Psikolog di angkatan kami kemarin berbisik-bisik pada saya. Dia mengatakan ingin mengungkap lebih jauh dan detail lagi mengenai kepribadian dia~dan saya~yang sayangnya~haduh~memang sama. Berdasarkan tes di situs… 1,311 more words

My Life

23 People Talk About That One Super Awkward Time They Were Caught Staring At Someone

Found on r/AskMen.

1. Oops

One day in college I was leaving a classroom and heading across campus to another class. Immediately after turning out of the room, a girl in the classroom next to mine pops out in front of me and travels in the same direction.

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Fitting In

Hi guys, i’m back to share with you more on school life. Today, i’ll be talking about tips you can use to fit in with your classmates. 682 more words

By Author

A complete and utter re-modification of myself.... hopefully

After reading ‘How To Keep A Boy As A Pet’ for the second time, (I would totally recommend it to all my fellow girls out there, and if by some miracle Dianne Messidoro does end up happening to read this, I’m still waiting for ‘What Not To Do In The Dark’,) i decided to follow in the footsteps of the lead character Cercie Shaw and start my own blog, which will probably be a complete and utter fail whale to be honest. 552 more words


You know you have Social Anxiety when.. pt 2

Okay so the first list went down a treat. Which makes me both happy that I’m not alone in this and also sad for you all… 940 more words

Social Anxiety

I think I'm just awful at being a human being.

The more I’m forced into Adult World the more I’m forced to realize that I”m bad at being a human being.

Really, I’m horrible.  I find human interaction absolutely exhausting.   660 more words