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Alternative economies: Time banks and barters; Red Scare in Vermont

Vermont’s alternative economies are bustling: Onion River Exchange members have made over 10,000 work exchanges, sharing more than 30,000 service hours in 80 categories. VBSR Marketplace… 67 more words


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With the rising prices of real estate in the Bay Area and let's not even talk about food. We should be talking about collaboration and unity. I found this blog about Time banks and I'm thinking this just might be a subject that we should re-visit over and over again until we get it right. What are the skills that you have to share? It seems that Onion River Exchange has found something that is working. Fair Trade at it's best!

Alameda County’s pioneering drug disposal law upheld in federal court - SFGate

I wanted to flag this up as an addendum to my last blog. It’s a very positive move in dealing with the potential impact of pharmaceuticals in our environment, and places the responsibility in the right hands (the pharmaceutical industry itself). 46 more words