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Tesla: Open sourcing sustainability

The ‘Patent Wall’ at Tesla headquarters, June 11th and 12th. (Images courtesy of Tesla)

By Nat Hunt.

On June 12th 2014 Tesla Motors released all of their patents claiming that they would not sue anyone for using their technology in ‘good will’. 553 more words

Socially Responsible Design

SlackPro - extreme product design

By Andrew Fanning.

As a highliner and industrial designer, my interests align when it comes to sophisticated, heavy duty gear and equipment. Especially when the designers of the gear have been led by a desire to optimise the product and improve on previous iterations, even if they are already the market leaders. 567 more words

Socially Responsible Design

decafé - grinding a halt to ground coffee waste

By Lorrin Windahl.

It’s no secret that Melbourne is (well ok, maybe we just think we are) the coffee capital of the world. So we certainly have lots of ground coffee waste. 225 more words

Socially Responsible Design

Olduvai Gorge Stone: 2 million year old product design

By Steve Martinuzzo.

It’s hard to fathom that our early ancestors date back millions of years. And even harder to comprehend the rudimentary nature of their existence. 545 more words

Socially Responsible Design

Warming the littlest hearts

By Lorrin Windahl

I love hearing about stories like this. Something that started with an idea in a classroom but developed into a realised product that is helping the most vulnerable be less vulnerable. 233 more words

Socially Responsible Design