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Please like me.

I was never a big Instagram or Snapchat person. In fact I deleted Instagram shortly after downloading it because I didn’t really see its point. However, because I am a nosy person and I kept finding myself missing out on things my friends were talking about I redownloaded it. 438 more words


Facebook is Dead for Brands, Now What?

In the summer, Facebook reduced the organic reach of brand’s posts to less than 2% of the brand’s likes. With dismissal results like this, why are brands continuing to have a social strategy that includes Facebook? 615 more words

Social Steve

Social Meeee- me- me-dia

A while ago I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in ages,

Before I could answer how I was going they answered for me

At first I thought this great for my word economy… 158 more words

Marc Maron - The Social Media Generation Animated

While I was searching for some other stuff about social media, I came across this animation of Jess The Dragoon.

Which turned out the based on a comic strip drawn by Marc Maron based on how social media and society works. 22 more words


Talent Pool through Social Media

Building and populating a talent pool can be a great way to jump the skills gap and provide your clients with quality candidates. However, it’s often easier said than done. 524 more words

The truth about Social Media is on Social Media

“Facebook, Twitter, Google+, yada-yada-yada…

Sometimes reading about the impact of social media just becomes dull, dull, dull.

However, if you head to social media itself (especially Twitter) an element of truth starts to shine through – the bits that are essential in your profile/posts and those that aren’t. 130 more words

Blog Bit

Social media and sports can mix well

I love social media. I know this does not come as a surprise, but I love the good, bad, and ugly of it. The best subject to get all three is definitely sports social media. 190 more words