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"Jesus" social media overload on Easter weekend

It’s that time of the year, friends! You know, when your social media feed is sprinkled with pastel shades of kids’ pictures covered in pastel shades of sprinkles, chocolate mixed with saliva dripping from their chins and parents can’t help but post these shots because “it’s too damn cute I gotta post it even if it is the 39th picture upload since 5 minutes ago”.   691 more words

Vegas Take 2

I know I have spoken about Vegas already in great detail. But this week I want to focus on technology and the popular term “What Happens in Vegas”. 364 more words


Recently I have been thinking about technology and social media in regards to communicating with those in your life. Here is my take on it which I feel shows a whole other side of what the older generations think. 329 more words

The Power of Referrals

If you are a business owner; you know the importance of making customers/clients happy.

On March 24th, 2014 my husband’s laptop crashed and would no longer load up. 290 more words

[Photo] Are You A Robot?

If you’re using a bot to reach more followers / fans / likes – rethink!

Learn how to connect with people on SOCIAL media (Instagram) 32 more words


New Post: LIKED

“Sign ka naman sa slum book ko.”
“Uy, pahinging testi!”
“I-add mo ko sa friends mo.”
“I-follow mo ko ha.”“Tag mo ‘ko.”
Thumbs-up button: LIKE. 408 more words