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Eeeeek! Join the #SoMe2 Link Party…..I'm the Featured Blogger!!!

I’ve been getting involved with the #SoMe2 Link Parties for a couple of weeks now, broadening my Social Media followers!  I entered the draw to be a Featured Blogger….and WON!!!!   611 more words


Radical Momma

This momma is about to get radical! I am about to give the devil a black eye! I am gonna warn you now, u will probably get offended by what I am about to say mom and dad, but it is only because it is the truth! 618 more words


I take selfies, I have an Instagram/Facebook/twitter/tumblr/snapchat, I record KUWTK, I hashtag, I wear top knots, I wear high waisted pants, I count calories & it rarely changes my mind, I wear makeup almost everyday, I’m loud, I say OMG more than you change panties, the perception of me is the main stream American girl but also much more. 191 more words


The power behind a landing page

So it was about time I should stop procrastinating and find out if my idea could work. Surely websites are pretty easy to develop and there are loads of developers out there that can help? 717 more words


Creighton Artists

Like many at Creighton University, I often wonder why exactly the roof of the Lied Education Center for the Arts is green. Well, LECA, as those in the know (namely me) call it, seems to provide no other answer for us other than the fact that it “does what it wants.” This sassy answer may come from the fact that, in my mind, LECA is the true embodiment of the artist here at Creighton. 267 more words


The Interwebs for a Noob: A Source of Stress

Objectively, I can appreciate the many advantages, pleasures, and conveniences of our digitalized lives. My generation has, at its phone flipping fingertips, access to the largest database ever known to mankind. 1,214 more words

Kendall Jenner to be the next big VS angel?

I don’t know much about Kendall Jenner because it’s like a sudden pop of new celebrity appearing out of nowhere. The kardashian family sure is keep a High Profile! 126 more words