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ELLO to a new social network!

Just when you thought Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube were enough to keep us occupied, spare a thought for upcoming social network ELLO. Its exclusivity has meant thousands of individuals are trying to join the invitation only social network.   440 more words


Maybe she's born with it? Maybe she's multitasking

Multitasking is ingrained within our lives. On my desktop at the moment, I am juggling between my word document, Word-press, ITunes, Tumblr, YouTube and I have my phone next to me as I reply to messages. 423 more words

Life Without Facebook

It’s been 3 years since I’ve deleted my Facebook account. Prior to that I was one of those people who deactivated it for a few days then reactivated it again after a couple of days. 392 more words


An Intro to Diaspora

originally from my blog at LiveJournal

I joined Diaspora a few years ago, in 2011. I had migrated to G+ when it came out and shortly afterward the #nymwars started up. 1,427 more words


Day 67: From a passive member of Linkedin to an active member

I’ve been a passive member of Linkedin since I joined many years ago.

I sometimes wondered why I was a member and what its purpose was. 183 more words


Here is my interview with Seumas Gallacher

Name : Seumas Gallacher
Age : 193 going on 10 ½
Where are you from :
A little fishing village on the Clyde called Glasgow, more exactly, Dockside Govan, of which Google Earth asked ,’Where?’ 1,519 more words

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..what an amazingly good interviewer Fiona Mcvie is... thanks for that, m’Lady :):) ALL MY BLOG POSTS ARE FREE TO SHARE/RE-BLOG SHOULD YOU SO WISH---BE MY GUEST!