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Ice Buckets; The Good, The Bad and The Viral.

KONY 2012, No Make-Up selfies, The Ice Bucket Challenge. Viral campaigning is gathering speed, and in my opinion, is here to stay whether we like it or not. 1,476 more words

Mr O

“Good morning Mr O” I typed. Mr O was obviously not his real name, but that’s the name I had given him as he was kind of a mystery and the name I thought was fitting. 554 more words


Our Hero: Web Two Point Zero

Web 2.0 technology is the next step from the original Web, which was “read-only” technology. Web 2.0 provides opportunities to “read and write” through interaction, collaboration and sharing information. 99 more words

Learning Spaces

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… Three Wrenches to Unlock Social Selling

By John Danenbarger, blog.SEOforSite.com

Open a toolbox and the contents can all look the same: a row of metal handles with different-sized heads at the end. 533 more words

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