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Muchas Gracias / 감사합니다 / Thank you for to be a follower !! #movejosie

Agradecimientos @Español

Muchas gracias a todos los seguidores, que se han unido a nuestra pequeña comunidad #movejosie en nuestro fanpage estamos diseñando varios proyecto para ustedes, además de nuestros tips para las personas interesadas en aprender hangul (Coreano) y español, … 306 more words


One way ticket

** For Australians citizens mostly **

I have already written a blog titled “How to make it in America”, this post is about the preparation you need before buying a one way ticket to the US. 929 more words


Twitter! @WordsOnAWhim

Please lovelies – follow me on twitter! @wordsonwhim But only if you want to! My latest posts do appear on the side of my blog if you fancy giving it a quick peak!

Thanks a bunch!

Whim xoxo

Tsu? Social networking?

Has anyone here tried this new website? I just started today and I’m a bit confused. One of my real life friends swears by it though. 41 more words

Nights out that never happened.

A group of friends sit in a bustling bar. It’s a birthday, they look their best and everyone can see it. Not the people there with them in the bar, no their phone contacts, their Instagram followers, your most snapped. 336 more words


New section on #PushNews in #movejosie let me introduce you #BNomadStudio !!

안녕 guys ! :)

If I´ve forgotten to tell you, we have a new section into the website called #PushNews where every week it will be showing you interesting and cooler news, for those either artists or designers wants share with us their projects and ideas, so every week will change for a different news, doesn’t matter if you are living either in or out of Barcelona if you want to use the PushNews´s space, go ahead !! 119 more words