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British Values for British People

As a member of my family, a friend of many circles and a citizen of the patch of land on which I made my entry into the world, I share a common set of values with the people I choose to have in my spaces. 523 more words


Labor Day

Is it just another holiday or a day in which we should realize the capitalistic oppression the bourgeoisie has placed upon society?





The Secrecy of Hollywood

So today seems both a perfect time to write about this certain topic and taboo too. It is pretty clear why, after 24 hours of many famous celebrities having their private photos leaked, it all seems a bit topically to write about the secrecy that Hollywood may, or may not, have.  447 more words


What makes a Gamer?

As a social identity, a “gamer” could simply be described as an individual who ascribes to the geek subculture but with a focus on playing computer games. 604 more words


Right jumps on Rotherham child abuse, but few listen

 English Defence League protesters gather outside Rotherham Police Station, Main Street on Friday. 1,327 more words


Rethink Homelessness

Every morning I like to do a bit of light reading before I start work. Mostly, I read articles via alternative news websites. My favourites at this present time being: … 423 more words



This is not about the love of professionals nor a nasty perversive obsession. It is curious how synchronous life is, or is it that when an idea dawns on us, we are more attuned to its occurrences all around us? 2,488 more words