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Time to Put on the Big Boy Pants and Lose the Emotions!!!


A rogue faction inside Brampton City Council is attempting to circumvent the voters’ choice and toss our Mayor before we get a chance to vote them OUT and her back in. 574 more words


FRANKLY Speaking


 Baseball Hall of Famer, Leo Durocher made a couple memorable comments.  He was the fellow that said, “”There is a thin line between genius and insanity, and in Larry’s (MacPhail) case it was sometimes so thin you could see him drifting back and forth.” 208 more words


The Kids Aren't Alright...with the Big State

In the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, Allan Little of the BBC writes that “Two Scotlands have emerged”.

“Those who voted “Yes” have spent the last two years pioneering a new way of engaging in politics; two years imagining a better country.

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Dowry Devil

I woke up to a bizarre news this morning, i.e. a groom-to-be demanded for iPhone 6 as a dowry gift from the bride’s family. It is reported that the groom said he would marry only after the bride’s family gifts him iPhone 6 which is not yet released in India and therefore the bride’s family had to wait and postpone the wedding. 882 more words

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Overtaken By Thoughtless Thoughts

Thoughts that crop up from the subconscious to fill the empty space in the mind are `thoughtless thoughts’. Mind, by nature, abhors a vacuum. In the absence of thoughtful thinking at the conscious level, thoughtless thoughts emanating from the subconscious invade the mind stealthily. 557 more words


Imagination And Reality Are Inseparable

There’s real space and there’s imaginary space. Real space is public but imaginary space is private. But, if imagination remains too private, it loses its vitality . 576 more words

Practical Advice

Young People Think "They're Making it".

I was driving in my 1998 Saab convertible today. Its a great little car. It was well maintained by it’s previous owner, only has some common cosmetic wear (worn leather-in driver’s seat, and front bumper is a little scratched up, info panel is worn, a bit of rust and a cracked passenger visor mirror). 436 more words