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Death of the English Language

I’m a high school graduate from the Nineties. I didn’t make Valedictorian or even the top ten. I studied what I felt needed to be studied. 336 more words


Travelling Benefits

In my last post I talked about stress and how a change of enviroment can help relieve stress. Well, a great way to change scenery is too travel! 506 more words


Health, Sport, Active Living VS the Arts

A contest George? You think that life is a contest between Health, Sport, & Active Living on one side and Arts on the other? Really? You think the only active healthy people are hockey players … Might depend on how much bench time they occupy … ice-time? 262 more words

Christianity: UK vs USA

Two Christian nations, one considerably more than the other. In 2010, weeks after graduating university I moved to West Texas as an intern. A year that I loved and will remember as one of my most memorable life experiences. 948 more words


The Washington School Shooting and The Art of Making a Killer

Another school shooting,another tragedy.This time the shooting happened in Washington but it doesn’t matter where it happened because it is another copycat incident of many that will sure happen again. 390 more words


Working on it

Hello everyone, I’m working on an article, had a bad day and did not get to it until now, wish I had a staff to help me out. 176 more words


Journey With Confidence And Viveka

The journey looks difficult and lonesome, the goal very far away; what do we do? Anything and everything may look difficult at times, but you should never lose confidence in yourself and feel that you have no motivation and drive. 552 more words