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"what is that you desire most?"

I was brought up being told its good to do things for others without expecting anything in return.  And if possible, do with without them knowing you are helping them. 75 more words


With coyotes in the dark

What is it like to grow up too fast? What a life she had. Left behind by her parents who settled in the U.S., led by a coyote in the dark, 12-year-old Noemi Alvarez Quillay was almost smuggled in but was found hanged at the border. 64 more words



Walk though me, step inside my head but for a moment,see and take the stairs leading down to my heart
Knock on the door of my conscience, follow the Rythem of my breathing… 286 more words


Don't Bogart that Joint

A 4/20 Song for drug users and junkies everywhere. I forget the name of the group that did it. Maybe Justin and the Junkies (I forget). 179 more words

The Type of Society I Want to Create

To be the change you wish to see in the world, you must first establish the world you wish to create.

Individual Freedom: Humans are free. 422 more words

We Are not Lonesome Pilgrims

I just finished reading a book written by Nami Mun. Miles From Nowhere is about a character named Joon, a Korean immigrant who lives in the Bronx in 1980′s. 644 more words

Charles Henry Gompf US Navy fighter pilot

Too damn young. Placed here to assist in ensuring the fellow is not forgotten.

Charles Henry Gompf

Birth: Jan. 4, 1920, Panama…

73 more words
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