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All's Fair In Perspective.

I’d been to a shelter home in Vellore last week. A small dialogue with one of the girls there provoked me to think upon a serious problem prevalent in our society today. 382 more words

Black And White

Bandage Culture

After reflecting on what a friend of mine said to me I had a thought.

We were discussing the use of drugs and medication for treating medical issues, whether they be for the body or the mind. 311 more words


Ideology-Driven Politics vs. Reality-Driven Politics

Ideology-Driven Politics: When politicians and voters base their decisions on pushing their ideology/ personal belief system onto the world.

Ideology-driven politics is typically more focused on divisive wedge issues. 131 more words

Just Another Rant

Yesterday I was politely reminded that my ho-hum rantings are tolerated but hardly the sort of thing that most people find interesting enough to want to actually read. 206 more words

Women Ignorant of Feminism #WomenAgainstFeminism

One misfortune of my new job is that I have fallen far behind in my reading of Jezebel. Luckily, my dear friend Nerd of the Sands… 1,050 more words


To be an Orphan 1

Watching so many events on the news this week, specifically the way some children have been made instant orphans has struck a chord within me and I’ve realised that it is the salient documentation of this event that resonates with my own memories of feeling abandoned and vulnerable, like the world had lost its meaning. 1,600 more words