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Two Sides of the Same Coin: Atheist Activists and Progressive For Jesus*

(Warning: this article contains strong language)

I spent a lot of my time in highschool on the atheist side of the internet. It was where I went for advice, where I complained about my parents, where I bitched about school, and where I got to know a lot of decent people. 789 more words


Darkness Within, Darkness Without

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year, and it was a rough one for me. I thought that creating my illustration last week ( 492 more words


Pretty Hurts

I live in a generation where girls will never truly love themselves. Where they look in the mirror every day, and rather than smiling at what they see, they are disappointed. 724 more words


may i lay like roses

I hate the notion of being “girly”. What does that even mean? Being the stereotypical girl who likes pink and floral prints and bows and heels? 152 more words


A Mindful Glimpse of Nature

بسم الله و الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

The following is a freelance piece that I penned. 


A Mindful Glimpse of Nature… 1,054 more words


Riga Weathers

A rainbow shone further on down the street, flanked by old, tall buildings. Aija and I walked to her apartment so I could drop off my backpack. 890 more words


When Their Eyes Go Dark

“A materialistic culture based on sense gratification agitates the mind and senses. Unless one controls the mind and senses, one cannot make any spiritual advancement.” 517 more words