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Who is the savior? Rage or Friend

You lay my rage all to rest
Tuck them in and leave it for dead
You stare them down
And guard my head
The problem is… 39 more words


ISIS Takes Credit for the Attack (today) In Ottawa

The ISIS Twitter site reads:

“If you don’t want the Islamic state to implement Sharia and rule over you – you are against Islam and must be attacked. 247 more words


lack of clarity

It really bothers me how ignorant people can be. Saw something on Facebook, a kid posted about Muslims in the military being allowed to wear their turbans because its a part of their religion and he basically said they need to go back to their country and blah blah blah. 126 more words


Events In Ottawa This Morning

My son (in CF in Ottawa) just emailed to say he is safe.  For that, I again am grateful.

Innocence left our Nation this morning as attacks were made by still unidentified sources. 168 more words


How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives in Social Media

Does social media make you more comfortable, or less comfortable? For me, it’s both.

As my friend Amber Naslund said when I interviewed her on Twitter… 602 more words


On Competition

Is it human to compete?

From the minute we step into the world the answers seems to be – yes. Student of the year, A* – F, sports day, at school we learn the facts of life and the inescapable reality of competition. 1,064 more words

Alexandra Harkness

Why we fat Americans should stop complaining- Hunger in Society- Nimish Garg

Hunger in Society

Nimish Garg

AHHH! I’m so hungry! I NEED food…. fooood!

Shut up and listen (oh, and stop whining). Just ponder for a moment the next time you’ve missed just one meal and are “starving”, and think at how fortunate you are. 303 more words