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Mental Illness is not a choice, just like Cancer isn't

Just like Cancer is not a choice, so is mental illness. This stigma and negativity around mental health is something every aspect of society can work to change, whether it be students, our education system, media and etc. 51 more words


Breaking Bad . . . on Barbie

Aaron Paul, a star on the TV show Breaking Bad is protesting the fact that two Breaking Bad action figures (Walter White and Jesse Pinkman) have been pulled off the shelves of Toys R Us and then he gets the “ass of the month” award for suggesting that Barbie toys somehow “pose more harm” than the two drug dealing murderers in the Breaking Bad show. 656 more words

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Creativity and Insanity – M.S. Srinivasan

Is it necessary to be a little mad inorder to be creative? In an interesting article in Economist, “In Praise of Misfits,” the columnist Schumpeter examines the question, “Why business needs people with Asperger’s, attention-deficit-disorder and dyslexia.” Schumpeter cites William Whyte who argues in his book “Organisation Man” that companies looking for “well-rounded executives” are making a big mistake because they are missing out on creatives who tend to be a little imbalanced.   435 more words

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My Tiny Cosmopolitan Apartment

I live in a studio apartment, so my kitchen is my living room is my bedroom. The other day, I was staring out my sole window when something startled me. 807 more words

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Common reactions on Ottawa Shooting debunked:

I just couldn’t help but say something with the things I’ve heard. It’s important that when we look at tragedies like the shooting in Ottawa that we keep a few things in mind: 289 more words


Abdullah Alkadi: A Freed Soul

(UPDATE at the end)

Abdullah Alkadi, a California State University Northridge student went missing on Wednesday, September 17th after selling his car on Craigslist. 1,891 more words


DaWall Street Insider Presents: An Exclusive Interview with Madhukar Jetley, State Minister of External Projects, Uttar Pradesh, India

Asma Chandani: Mr. Jetley, It’s a pleasure to spend some time with you today to learn more about the state of Uttar Pradesh and your activities in relation to the government of the state. 1,470 more words