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The Da Vinci Problem

For preference, I’ve always been a scientist over an artist; the STEM fields, for whatever reason, seem to better suit my way of thinking and just generally come more naturally. 1,144 more words

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Another unwise feminist-agenda move

There is kind of a discussion about the “Female Protagonist” tag on Steam. Some perceive it as intentionally or potentially divisive, others claim that it’s simply a help for people who are looking for that kind of games. 650 more words

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Beyond the Bechdel Test

Last week I wrote about the Bechdel test, which asks a few basic questions about any given movie to begin evaluating feminine roles in film. 410 more words

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Happy Holidays!

I knew that today is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I also knew that today is Heritage Day in South Africa, which some Zed-A’rs have dubbed “Braai Day.” 201 more words


Musing Regarding Suicide and Comradely Conduct

Years ago I was a ultra-nationalist, deeply conservative pseudo-fascist who was infatuated with Right-Wing libertarian loser Glenn Beck. During one episode of his television program, back when Fox hosted, I remember him lashing out towards a supposedly Maoist quote pertaining to suicide. 1,151 more words

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'And did those feet in ancient times...'

The Commonwealth games are generally among the least controversial incidents in human history; a fairly contrived excuse for a lot of very fit people from various countries to gather in one place for a few days of sporting contest. 1,116 more words

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Feminist Friday: How Valuable is the Bechdel Test?

Think about the last movie you saw. Were there two or more female characters? Did they talk to each other about something besides men?

The Bechdel test, created by Alison Bechdel, examines female roles in movies by asking three questions: 581 more words

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