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Everyone seems to lead such an exciting life

Hardly a day goes by on my Facebook news feed without somebody announcing they’re going to Barbados, they’re in Barbados right now having the most… 1,075 more words

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Church Finances, 1947-Style

In April 1959, the Church published its last financial report. The last here is important, though, because, for almost half a century leading up to that report, the Church presented a relatively detailed financial report in each April General Conference. 1,010 more words


My Hopes & Fears for the Next General Conference

We still have several weeks until the October General Conference, and given what’s happened in the meantime, many Mormons like me are concerned it could be gloat-mageddon.   1,272 more words


Spock and the Jury

Jury duty — or as the courts prefer to call it, “jury service” — is one of those obligations that come with citizenship in the United States. 2,410 more words

Society & Culture

The problematic logical fallacy about the Stockholm syndrome

From the information I could gather, the whole “Stockholm syndrome” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome) is a highly problematic and doubtful idea. There MIGHT BE an actual psychological confusion state that the Stockholm syndrome describes, although I’d be very careful about psychoanalytical mainstream like that. 179 more words

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Catholic and single: Turning mourning into action

Dear friends, heartfelt apologies for my long absence.  A lot has been going on, both in the world and in my own little life–the two are interconnected of course.  814 more words

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