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Life on Hannan World (Part 12)

Self-styled Whig (how’s that for nostalgia?) and Tory MEP for the South-east, Daniel Hannan is no stranger to this blog. His obsession with the European Union, his slack thinking and his inclination to smear the Left have all been documented here. 2,285 more words



It occurred to me this afternoon that in the past year I’ve done nine electronic arrangements of venerable Beatles tunes. Possibly a few other people might like to hear them. 1,042 more words


Mormon Jargon 2

One of my most popular posts ever was a Mormon version of Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, a satirical version of definitions of words according to Mormon culture. 6,996 more words


There's No Place Like Home...or "Home" What's Your New Normal?

When did we become the people who stop in Paris, because we can, because it’s on the way back “home”?

And where is “home” anymore? Just how long do you live in a place before it takes up permanent residence your heart? 191 more words


European Adventures Part II: Geneva

Never in my life have I felt as insignificant and poor as I did strolling down the rues of Geneva, Switzerland. But, I loved it! There is something mesmerizing about seeing so much obscene wealth in one place. 683 more words

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My two cents about Elder Scrolls Online

It is quite apparent to me that the making of Elder Scrolls Online is yet another of the many franchise-milking schemes done these days, borne out of the success of former titles combined with a certain confidence that even an act such as this would not be enough to harm sales of future better titles. 711 more words

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DPRK- More Orwellian Than The Soviets Ever Were

Nineteen Eighty Four is, to my mind, the single greatest work of 20th century fiction; for once avoiding Orwell’s usual trap of making his satire overly heavy-handed, it deconstructs the motivations of a particular kind of totalitarianism so effectively and so cleverly as to be genuinely terrifying throughout. 1,547 more words