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Codes of Ethics

Having a code of ethics in a field where consumers are so willing to trust the information given to them is incredibly important. People who work in public relations and journalism (and in all other facets of the communications industry) are expected to operate from a higher moral standard than most because of the amount of confidence people put into them to be truthful and reliable. 677 more words

Alicia C. Shepard

The Last Midnight

Okay, so it’s not the last midnight, but I saw Into the Woods a few weeks ago, and the soundtrack’s been stuck in my head ever since. 693 more words


The Steve Kroft Affair

By Casey Bukro

We here at Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists sometimes clash over what is ethical or not.

The Steve Kroft affair is the latest example. 733 more words

Society Of Professional Journalists

Newspapers Seek to Rejuvenate Business By Giving Away Crisp $100 Bills

It’s no secret that the newspaper industry is in serious financial trouble and faces the possibility of collapsing entirely if readership and advertisers continue to disappear. 134 more words

4-2 Mistakes, False News, and Errors

The 24-hour news cycle has created it’s own space race, but instead of getting to the moon first, a news/media outlet feels as though it needs to be the first to break a story or the latest supporting news to an existing story. 409 more words

Interviewing the interviewers

Last night I had a healthy debate on Facebook with the former chair of SPJ’s Ethics Committee, as well as a couple of other SPJ members, though they may be former members, now. 284 more words