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Jarret Reid: Higher Performance Power Hockey

Jarret Reid, as the Director of Power Skating it is Jarret’s job to help teach people, the skills necessary to be a powerful hockey player. According to the Wave Hockey website that includes: “technical power skating program that emphasizes first-step quickness, reaction skills, lateral movement, stickhandling and puck control, explosiveness, power and acceleration.” 212 more words

Jarret Reid

Renee Welsch Believes in Helping Others

Proud U.S. Navy veteran Renee Welsch has spent much of her life serving her country. But part of being a responsible citizen is helping the people around you, and Renee Welsch has embraced that philosophy throughout her professional life. 225 more words

Renee Welsch

Blow Up Your Ego

There are so many twists and turns and “right ways” you are expected to do things throughout your life. For a while, standards have been so high that from childhood, children already expect to live a predetermined general blueprint for their lives. 421 more words

Thomas J Moretti: Joys Of Helping Others

Thomas J Moretti believes that the needs of others are, in fact, the needs of us all. The act of being kind to others is one that goes beyond just the simple niceties one might expect when passing someone on the street who is in need of help, and offering them a hand with groceries, etc., says Thomas J Moretti. 197 more words


Jeff Chowdhry: Dedicated To Excellence

Since his time as a student at Brunel University in London, Jeff Chowdhry has shown his determination for accomplishing goals. Jeff Chowdhry was a participant of the honors program at Brunel University, where he was enrolled in the school’s economic program. 212 more words

Jeff Chowdhry

Yulia Azkoul: How to Succeed in Pharmacy School

Yulia Azkoul has distinguished herself as a promising pharmacy student with her studies in Venezuela, Syria, and now in the United States. Yulia Azkoul crossed cultural and educational boundaries by attending school in places where she did not know the language. 195 more words

Yulia Azkoul