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the death inside, 19th April 2014

I saw a guy the other day sitting on the pavement by a road, close to a supermarket, half-huddled in a sleeping bag sat up with a tatty hat looking for all the world like a pile of discarded rags……. 257 more words


Life, Living Long is Overrated, Inspiration

I think the general consensus about life is that the most important thing in life is being alive.  The idea that putting your life in any kind of significant risk is not worth all the money in the world. 853 more words




These pictures are from a website, Faith, run by Philip JS Sasaki. Through the eyes of a child.  Nothing could be more timely.

I am in college now and there are times that I fail to go home to my province because of ‘weekend schoolwork’, as I call them.   1,315 more words


The Ballad of Narayama

This 1955 movie was a hard one to watch. It’s about an old woman of 70 who’s intent upon following her region’s tradition of going up the mountain to die. 227 more words


The Problem With Money

What is wrong with the world? Millions ask the same question. An alien invading race might look at the state of society on Earth and ask what the hell we are doing to each other. 3,688 more words


Elaine Jordan: Study Hard for Good Grades

Elaine Jordan is a student at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where she is majoring in Environmental Biosciences and Geology. She has been a successful student during her time at the University of Iowa, continuing the pattern she established during her years as a student in primary and secondary school. 215 more words

Elaine Jordan