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divorce weightloss and the what ifs?

It has been said the feelings you go through when deciding to go through a divorce are similar to dealing with death. There are stages that our body places us in and other than grief and pissed, I have no idea what those are.   647 more words


The important things of life

       Daddy, what are the most important things in life for humans?

       I think I know the answer to that question Sir Winston but I will listen to daddy´s answers first. 887 more words


JUst ask!

In this video, a professor discusses the power of simply asking for help. Simply asking for help. You would be surprised how many people would happily,willingly or even unwillingly help you by simply asking. 14 more words

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A buddhist that loves cocaine...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

“Are you F***ing kidding me? You want me to go in there???

~ It was late on a Friday night during one of the recent stops I made on my yearlong Drinking in the Culture Tour, a coffee house tour that gives me an excuse to experience the local culture of various cities throughout the Western World… 1,002 more words


Another example of Narcissism in the media - that people flock to.


Great article ^^^.

I knew Fifty Shades of Grey – was a very unhealthy way of normalising unhealthy/dangerous behaviour. I couldn’t read them. And seriously – I am no prude. 157 more words

Thomas J Moretti Shares Tips for Learning English

People say English is one of the toughest languages to learn in the world. Thomas J Moretti knows that many difficulties come with both teaching and learning the English language. 244 more words

Thomas J Moretti

Those Evil Villains

It’s easy for me to get worked up about stupid people. Or those who don’t follow the rules. Or those who slap their children. You know who I’m talking about. 437 more words