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Sister/Best friend.

There is always going to be stigma around the sex industry, no questions asked. This particular industry seems to fit into the dark side of society, which will never be fully accepted by the public. 430 more words

Shared Misery: A thought

It is never a matter of trust, it’s a matter of comparison. As we only share our misery with those who are miserable and we only share our sadness with those who are sad. 94 more words


Say Cheese!

What have we here? An outtake from a Jurassic Park movie? Nope, just some perfect timing. A visitor takes a picture at an exhibit called “Dino Park” at Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia on Thursday.

Diary Entry 19: She the Pessimist

One day, you’re going to wake up and see. You’ll open your eyes to the bullshit that is reality, beg for an escape, and bury your eyes in fantasy. 101 more words


Challenging the challenge

ALS is a rare and nasty condition. It falls into a category of illnesses called motor neuron diseases (MND). They erode motor function, which means that over time you lose control over your muscles and they waste away and you die an undignified death, unable to control your own breathing or bowels. 743 more words


The Human Zoo

I’m breaking both my new blog post rules today. First this has nothing to do with writing. Second; it’s a long one. Enjoy!

For those of you familiar with my blog, or me in any way, you will know I have a thing about the ever growing human population, its effect on the planet and so on and so forth. 3,051 more words

General Rambliings

On Success

Most folks want to be successful at something in their personal or professional lives, but what is success? Is it simply completing a task correctly? 287 more words

Exhausted Educator