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Peace: n. moral human interaction in the pursuit of a goal(s) without violence

Peaceful human interaction is only possible when humans are basically moral or don’t lie to one another, don’t steal from one another, don’t murder each other, and don’t commit adultery if married. 375 more words

Common Sense

30th June to 6th July 2014 - I'm Pulling My Hair

Tuesday, 1st July 2014
There is an ad that runs during World Cup games, showing a drunk guy throwing himself in mud. You can see bits of the ad in this news clip: 128 more words


Christian Fanning Eastern Washington Football: The Big Sky Conference

Christian Fanning of Eastern Washington Football is excited about the chances of the Eastern Washington University Eagles as they head into the new college football season. 231 more words

Christian Fanning Eastern Washington Football

Rose-Tinted Glasses

I’m watching The Princess Diaries right now, and I’ve just gotten past Mia’s makeover scene. You know, when she suddenly becomes a princess because her hair is now straight and someone breaks her glasses, replacing them with contact lenses? 502 more words

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How much of the world is in you?

How much has the world influenced you?, and how much have you influenced the world? I think every Christian needs to examine themselves and ask this question and seek an honest answer. 1,604 more words

Dignity of women

Every human being on this planet has the right to live peacefully with dignity. This should be applicable to women too. But where are we heading to. 284 more words