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Facebook these days..What aloada bollocks

Seems like the only reasons I check Facebook these days is to keep in contact with my loved ones or play games when I can be bothered. 607 more words


The Art of the Graphic Novel

Since the beginnings of humanity we have expressed ourselves through drawing. From cave paintings to hieroglyphs, we have communicated through pictures. In fact written language was predominantly pictorial until ancient Greek. 660 more words


Looks ARE deceiving

 “Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many.”
                                                                             – Phaedrus (Roman Poet) 

Hey all,

Firstly I want to apologise for my long absence from WordPress, so much for “Ash Weekly”. 823 more words

What Should a 4 Year Old Know?

I absolutely love this.  It actually made me cry.  Ive been thinking a lot lately about society and the way we raise children.  There would be a lot less screwed up adults if more parents understood this. 6 more words

Day To Day

What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Really Means

This movement, for lack of a better word, is the greatest/craziest thing. And it’s for an amazing cause. I’ve personally seen this disease and it’s terrifying. 18 more words


Adult Black Label Society "Dragon Tour Fall" 2010 Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt (X-Large)

Adult Black Label Society “Dragon Tour Fall” 2010 Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt (X-Large)

Adult Black Label Society “Dragon Tour Fall” 2010 Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt (X-Large) 134 more words

He was captured once before. Was Foley a dual-citizenship American/Israeli?

Hi readers.  Today with tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of ‘Americans’ holding dual Israeli citizenship it isn’t enough to report an ‘American’ journalist was beheaded.  Heck, more than a dozen US Senators hold dual Israeli citizenship. 487 more words

Human Behavior