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Thanksgiving Day 2014

Thanksgiving Day USA 2014 has me thinking about that which I am thankful for. Here is a by no means complete list.

I am thankful I don’t live in Ferguson MO. 765 more words


Hogarth's Pub Sign

William Hogarth was one of the most famous painters of the early to mid 18th century in England but he began as a painter of pub signs, for the many travellers who could not read. 36 more words


The Real Thanksgiving (repost)

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving. While it’s always nice to celebrate special occasions with loved ones (if one is fortunate enough to be in a situation to be able to) and one should be thankful for what one has, we should also feel discontent for what so many do not have or for what they’ve had taken away from them. 2,067 more words


Good (Coffee) Globalization

Globalization equals exploitation in the majority of the academic, literary, or political contexts in which I have encountered the term. My frequent tenancy at Square One Coffee… 543 more words

Please Make It Stop II

Meeting tonight at 7:30 in Langdale Hall, Witney about Green Party member and Bampton resident Mark Wood and other disabled people whose deaths have been connected to the policies and actions of the government’s Department of Work and Pensions. 291 more words


Is someone's jealousy worth your friendship?

It’s so distasteful to know that there are still imbeciles who have the energy to do whatever ever it takes to destroy someone’s happiness. It’s ridiculous that someone could be so evil due to their lack of self confidence, fulfillment and personality. 463 more words