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12 year old girl misses her dead father, hangs herself

A 12 year old girl from Leszno, Poland was found in her room by her mother after hanging herself. A suicide note was found stating “Dear Mum. 317 more words


DP Challenge - "Great Expectations"...Oh fuck it, who am I kidding?

Being a parent is fab.

From the moment you pee on that stick and it blinks: “You’re up the duff”, life changes.
You promise yourself you are going to rock this parenting shizness. 664 more words

بوتين: الانترنت هي "مشروع وكالة الاستخبارات الأمريكية"

روسيا “بعد البرازيل” تصدر قانوناً بحفظ بيانات المستخدمين في روسيا
اعتبر بوتين أن الانترنت هو “مشروع وكالة الاستخبارات الأمريكية”، وأن على روسيا النضال للحفاظ على مصالحها على الانترنت.



Social learning takes place through imitation. We imitate others who serves to to be models for us. The way these models are observed and the way they are idealized and appreciated by the society or punished nourish and modify our behaviors. 1,686 more words

Shock absorption: evolving thoughts on anger and social justice

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been circling back repeatedly to the questions around the intersections of anger, marginalization, oppression, and social justice. I came to it with a knee-jerk, “Of course it’s better to restrain your anger and express yourself calmly and civilly no matter the provocation” stance, born out of my own Stoic Peacekeeper personality and the cultural values I picked up from my white educated middle-class environment. 2,757 more words

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