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An important revelation!!!! (Revisited, again)

Tue. Sept. 2

Forgot some related info about feeling a little better; about hanging-out with other-types… the types who may drink & smoke, & cuss in front of kids while apologizing for cussing in front of kids, (but not while drinking and smoking; drinking-&-smoking at the same time… 217 more words

Watch: Saudi ‘religious police’ beat British man for paying at ‘women-only’ counter

A British man was attacked by Saudi Arabia’s religious police after he was caught paying at a female-only counter, various international media reports said.

A video of the incident was uploaded on You Tube showing a white man being beaten up by three men in traditional Arabic dress while trying to enter his car. 116 more words


What does this world need?

I think its funny sometimes, when people tell me this world needs more Heroes. And while I agree to a certain extent with that sentiment. I tend to toe the line between good and just about as close as you can get to evil. 429 more words


Being Different

Day 3195


People like to say that everyone is different and that those differences give us character. Well, yes, we are all different, but what those people are really trying to say is that it’s okay to be “different”. 971 more words

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I would do that, too

At work, and in life, I  am often considered the model of temperance. I prefer little things. Small dogs, small cars, small problems. I strive for a life of minimal impact, and, to that end, I eat mostly, but not all, things that grow from the ground or drop down from the branches of trees. 1,077 more words


Good is Named Rosa.

It has been nearly a month since my grandmother left this world for the next. She had decided months before that she no longer wanted to be here, that she had already stayed too long. 1,085 more words