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Abundance: n. having more than an adequate quantity of a subset(s) possessed and/or needed and/or desired

Wealthy nations are living in an age of seeming abundance. 430 more words

Common Sense

Unspeakable Tragedy

Stories of children killed due to neglect or violent abuse are always shocking. When the perpetrators of violence are the child’s parents we are even more shocked and more saddened and that shock and sadness is multiplied again when the abusive parent is the mother. 757 more words


Cowpoke Catchphrases

Howdy, y’all.

It’s funny, no matter how much somebody travels,

…..there always seems to be a blind spot for one’s own backyard.

Because of my years travelling, 461 more words

And then..Haha.. he raped her! HAHAHAHAHA...No.


Its funny right? These people seem to think so… And these... and these

Being violated, embarrassed, hurt, controlled, abused and made to feel like you are nothing, less than nothing, not worth the merest notice let alone respect… that’s all funny right? 433 more words

My Thoughts

Euthanasia Bill: legal assisted suicide gets closer

Under the 1961 Suicide Act, it remains a criminal offence to help someone take their own life. But, is that all about to change? The legislation for assisted suicide is being debated upon in the House of Lords this month. 888 more words


Can You Sing?

‘Brother, sister take my hand and walk beyond the sky, into a dream of butterflies – into the rainbows fire.

Take a walk and take a talk and take our hands to be – the beginning of eternity, the beginning of the free. 344 more words


When we were young

When we were young,
we aspire to be older-
to experience life with an array
of responsibilities
And we were determined
when we grow up through the days, 110 more words