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Ride On

 Photo by: Wesley Chan

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On The Western Front

Driving in from Christchurch International Airport, you would be hard pressed to notice anything so major as the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 had ever taken place here. 474 more words

Christchurch Earthquakes

Graffiti or Art?

I posed a series of questions to various students about there ideas and perceptions  regarding tattoo’s in society. All agreed tattoo’s are a form of art however there is a limit and boundaries and sometimes these are crossed. 17 more words


The Myth of Student Engagement

The Myth of Student Engagement

The Myth of Student Engagement

The Myth of Student Engagement

by Beth Morrow

Each day that you enter your classroom, are you educating students? 574 more words


God bless America

La religione: quante cosa da dire ci sarebbero. Prima di tutto ho l’impressione – e non solo io – che in America la religione sia una cosa molto seria, molto più sentita e vissuta di quanto lo sia in Italia (ebbene sì!!) Non saprei dire se si tratta di un fenomeno largamente diffuso in tutti gli Stati Uniti o se sia dovuto al fatto che vivo nella cosiddetta “Bible Belt”, la cintura della Bibbia, termine con cui si indica un’area geografica che va dal Midwest al South-East, culturalmente e socialmente dominata dalla Chiesa Evangelica Protestante. 736 more words

Neckties Are Insane

Let’s pause to briefly consider this strange article of clothing.

What’s so weird about them?

What’s so crazy about ties?  Well, for starters, they… 696 more words


Prizefighter Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter Dies at 76

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter never surrendered hope of regaining his freedom, not even after he was convicted of a triple murder, then convicted again and abandoned by many prominent supporters. 1,165 more words

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