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The proverbial pox on both your houses | World War 4 Report

Today’s depressing news that some 10,000 joined a “New York Stands with Israel” rally at the UN (overseen by Chuck Schumer, of course) was compounded for me by a demoralizing encounter outside St. 131 more words


Article: Race Will Continue to Haunt Rand Paul | OpEdNews

There’s still the shadow of his widely quoted smoking gun interview with the Louisville Courier Journal in 2010 in which he blew off the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a slap against private businesses’ right to racially discriminate. 268 more words


#African Father of six dead following NYPD incident

According to the New York Daily News, at least five New York Police Department officers took 43-year-old Eric Garner, a Staten Island father of six, to the ground in an attempted arrest on Staten Island. 303 more words


Being German?

Watching Generation War, then thinking about POWs vs illegal combatants, got me to wondering – what’s it like being a German today? What does the pop imagination think about WWII and the era shortly before it? 325 more words


Nacho Libre [2006] & Pseudo Intellectualism…

As I started this movie (again), I decided to look up the writer and director of it. That led to its Wikipedia page – and then I get miffed. 338 more words


Y-Chromosomes & Feminism

I mentioned the estrogen mob in my biography. Girls greatly outnumbered boys. In the English Department, the scales were tipped even further – in whose favor is up for debate – depending on what you’re talking about. 376 more words

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