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Ku Klux Klan Faction Predicts American Government Is On The Brink Of Collapse As They Train For 'Race War' PICTURES

Behind closed gates, the participants frequently spat the “n-word” and openly supported the killing of homosexuals they branded “fags”.Screams of “white power” angrily erupted from a wooden hut inside a forest clearing early on a Saturday morning – where the rally was hosted.Armed men and women wearing trademark robes and pointed hoods gather jeering around a kitchen knife rack – shaped to look like a black man with knives through his belly and a noose around his neck.The group is deadly serious and proof that the KKK is fully active, today.The rally was the result of weeks of recruiting and discreetly publicising their event and saw 40 people come together – including newcomers.Sam was one of six main speakers at the rally where he announced they are arming for a race war they believe will soon grip America.He refused to give his family name over fears his family would be victimised, but warned of his group’s controversial plans in his speech.He said training would begin when existing and new KKK members leaving the military returned from overseas campaigns in “the next couple of weeks”.“This is something that no Klan has ever done before,” he said. 22 more words


Black lawmakers want DOJ to investigate St. Louis police | TheHill

The shooting on Saturday of Michael Brown, 18, raises “potentially serious concerns” about law enforcement in St. Louis, the lawmakers said in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.Brown’s killing “may be part of a continuing pattern of the use of deadly force by police against unarmed African-Americans,” wrote Rep. 156 more words


Amnesty International Takes “Unprecedented” U.S. Action In Ferguson - Democratic Underground

On Sunday, after the team examined the situation in Ferguson, Amnesty International USA released three recommendations going forward:• A prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown. 119 more words


How To Tell If You're In an Honoré de Balzac Novel

How To Tell If You’re In an Honoré de Balzac Novel.

Your boyish charm and feminine hips have attracted the attention of a wealthy woman and/or a sinister homosexual criminal who will someday become the chief of police.



How To Tell If You're In Lesbian Pulp Fiction

How To Tell If You’re In Lesbian Pulp Fiction.

You describe lesbian sex as an all-encompassing ecstatic storm.

— Yeah Japanese Yaoi anime (malexmale) has that too XD


Doctors Can Write More Than Prescriptions: The Best Books by Doctors - The Daily Beast

Doctors Can Write More Than Prescriptions: The Best Books by Doctors – The Daily Beast.

I’ll never forget my father’s reaction when I announced around the family dinner table one evening that I had decided to go to medical school to train to become a surgeon.

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