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Offending the Queen

There was a significant moment in history not too long ago: Queen Elizabeth made her first tweet. Now, I admit that linguistics and good old-fashioned monarchy are things which almost never cross paths, but something interesting happened after she tweeted. 450 more words


Danielle, Dorothea, Laurel and Maciej at NWAV

PhD alumnae Danielle Turton and Dorothea Hoffmann, and staff members Laurel MacKenzie and Maciej Baranowski, have this week been in Chicago for NWAV 43. Manchet’s correspondent on the ground reports that it was a great conference, the weather in Chicago was terrific, the Manchester crowd’s talks had an excellent turnout, and there was a charming musical tribute (that had the whole conference crowd singing) to Bill Labov in honour of his retirement on Saturday night!


Learning Intermediate Taiwanese Sign Language - Week 3: Health Related to the Eyes and Teeth

Okay, now we’re really getting into field-specific vocabulary. It’s interesting to me how some words, such as “葉黃素” seem to be common Chinese words in the everyday vocabulary of a Taiwanese person, and yet I think most Americans have not heard of it’s English translation, which is “lutein”. 112 more words

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Mapping variation in English

The UK dialect maps created by Laurel MacKenzie and her legion of undergraduate field researchers now have a new home!

At http://projects.alc.manchester.ac.uk/ukdialectmaps/ you can view all the maps. 75 more words


One of the best books I've ever read . . .

English and Ethnicity, edited but Janina Brutt-Griffler and Catherine Evans Davies, is by far one of the best and most influential books in my life. 217 more words


Q-Step: Stepping Out

This Tuesday, the Q-Step programme, on which Manchet has previously reported, held its closing event for the 2014 summer projects, “Stepping Out”.

There were three student interns from LEL: 102 more words

English Language

Call for papers: Faces of English: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy

The Centre for Applied English Studies at Hong Kong University will be hosting an international conference titled “Faces of English: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy… 569 more words

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