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The Gricean Maxims

There are certain social conventions and assumptions that are normally made by people engaged in meaningful conversations.   Vocabulary and the rules of grammar combine with knowledge of the situational context to fill in what’s missing and resolve ambiguities.  969 more words

Essays And Talks

Danielle and Míša bring Henderson Prize home!

In recent weeks Danielle Turton and Michaela Hejná have been flying the colours of Manchester phonology, phonetics, and sociolinguistics at venues up and down the country, with presentations at the… 177 more words


Iteration and Skill Acquisition

She’s running down the court. She’s setting up. She shoots, and…score!

“She” has most likely practiced that shot 500 times to get it just right. So, too, have we all practiced a skill in hopes of mastery. 220 more words


Complex Conversations

You show up at a party and hear a barrage of conversation: laughter from the kitchen, political banter in the front room and an epic story rolling along in the bedroom. 394 more words

Complex Systems

Namaste from India!

Hello from India! Or should that be namaste? Although, according to translation, namaste means ‘I bow to you’ – so maybe a little too strong on the welcoming front. 672 more words


LEL Easter conference round-up

As usual, Manchester’s sociolinguists and historical linguists have been getting around, inserting themselves into the programmes of goodness knows how many conferences. Here’s a run-down of some of them: 371 more words