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Corby: The most Scottish town in England?

The BBC just published an interesting article on Corby, a town in England located near Kettering and Northampton (so East Midlands). Corby is a really interesting wee town because a whole bunch of Glaswegian and Central Belt steel workers moved there from the 1930 onwards when the Glasgow based company Stewarts & Lloyds built a huge steelworks in the town. 814 more words



VARIETIES OF LANGUAGE   2.1 INTRODUCTION 2.1.1 Global and Specific statement Linguists commonly use language variety (or simply variety) as a cover term for any of the overlapping subcategories of a language, including… 7,067 more words


Straight talkers in Japan: Inappropriately truthful

Sometimes people deliberately deviate from the norms of speaking in a language. This is not due to their lack of communicative competence.

I would define the deliberate deviation from the norms of speaking as a communication strategy which aims to couch an additional message within the overt message by disregarding one of the four elements in communication described by Hymes (1972). 255 more words

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Walkers Through Your 'Healthy' Ingredients.

Not so long ago I watched a documentary about healthy eating. The presenter, standing (out like a sore thumb) in the middle of a busy fun fair, had set up a stall whereby passersby where challenged  to throw an rock of some sort at a food, in a line of other foods, which they believed contained the most sugar (imagine the coconut game, but instead of knocking off coconuts, you’re knocking stuff off the shelves at ASDA). 588 more words


Why the ‘F**k’ Keeps Appearing on TV.

Adverts have always confiscated my attention. When I was younger, I’d sit through the adverts, waiting eagerly for one of my favourites to pop up on screen, and when it did, I’d shout to any member of the family close enough to the living room to run on in and enjoy my new favourite ad. 1,380 more words


Do Hong Kongers speak a language?

“Cantonese is just a dialect, it’s not a language.”

I’ve heard this meme many times since coming to Hong Kong four years ago. They always say it as if it’s some sort of linguistic fact. 1,630 more words


Baranowski promoted to Senior Lecturer!

Maciej Baranowski has been promoted to Senior Lecturer. Manchet congratulates!

Featured image: Maciej with colleagues at a recent conference.