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Accents in ads: from the sublime to the ridiculous

This morning on the London Underground, an ad caught my eye. Well, several did — but this one held my attention a bit longer because it mentioned accents, a particular interest of mine. 799 more words


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: Ancient and Modern Laughter

A note: This was originally published on Dec. 3rd, 2014 as a blog post for my Greek and Roman studies class last semester. I had fun researching the topic and compiling the post, so I thought I’d share it here. 1,540 more words


About The Linguistic Fingerprint

Linguists use the term “idiolect” to define an individual’s unique use of language (in other words, one’s “linguistic fingerprint”), but this term seems to be more of a convention than a scientific, objective fact. 768 more words

Forensic Linguistics

2014 Year in Review

Cross-posted from All Things Linguistic.

What a year! I finished my MA in linguistics at McGill at the end of 2013, so in 2014 I started writing linguistics for a general audience full time. 963 more words


"I'nnit Wonderful?": Pragmatics and English Speaker Behavior

What’s up my language peeps from beautiful Natitingou! Right now, yours truly is finally finished with his first semester of teaching at CEG Taïacou, and finally in the clear with the ungodly number of tests he’s had to grade (the quantity being directly proportional to my degradation of sanity, to the point at which talking in the third person about myself is acceptable). 928 more words


Ang Benepisyo ng Pagsasalin ng Software sa Lokal na Wika

Isang Papel sa Filipino 40


Sa makabagong panahon, hindi maipagkakaila ang napakalaking impluwensya ng mga teknolohiyang inianak upang subukang padaliin ang iba’t ibang aspeto ng buhay ng tao. 6,466 more words


Fairman establishes that most current usages of the word have connotations distinct from its meaning of sexual intercourse. The book discusses the efforts of conservatives in the United States to censor the word from common parlance.

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Rhetoric And Semiotics