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Luxury market

The market for luxury items is the most prosperous of all business areas, luxury companies have become more profitable and these same producers continue to present collections with less prohibitive costs, convincing the medium class as well to become one of their customers after making the luxury more accessible. 275 more words


Brush up your knowledge of sociology

The consumer boom in Russia has deep sociological roots – which ensure the growth of strong and healthy branches to the Russian tree of consumer spending. 142 more words


I say it! It must be so...

While we talk about privilege as a way of being a special gift or talent given to a certain group or people, there is a more subtle form of privilege which is no more than an extension of the above title.  317 more words


Aggregation is stripping noise; close to emergence but ...

Still tinkering with the troubles of the aggregation chasm (as in this here previous post) and the hardly visible but still probably most fundamentally related concept of emergent properties (as in… 592 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

What is Privilege???? More importantly, why should I care?

What is Privilege?

Privilege…is the sociological concept that some groups of people have advantages relative to other groups. The term is commonly used in the context of social inequality, particularly with regards to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability and social class” a definition drawn from Wikipedia,( 2nd definition.) 162 more words


HTTP status 418 against unpersonation

Though we’re halfway towards granting legal person rights to animals (as this and this show), and you know a lot of co-workers for whom this presents a nice little bit of progress, I’d say we have also moved great strides in the opposite direction. 396 more words


For Michael Brown and Fergusson

Beneath a black moon
I bled for the mountainside
And for the homeless
In the city of the valley
Where night spurs

In black flanks… 118 more words