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For Michael Brown and Fergusson

Beneath a black moon
I bled for the mountainside
And for the homeless
In the city of the valley
Where night spurs

In black flanks… 118 more words


Red Light City: Sex Workers’ Experiences of the City of Joy

Munni’s Story:

I am from Bangladesh and I came here when I was ten years old. I am sixteen now but I tell people I am twenty years old. 11,003 more words

Academic Writing

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Oh what an effort it is
To love you like I do!
Or not effort at all
For love of you

Is simple and clean… 79 more words



“What do you mean it will cost me 30 credits to use the bathroom?” Cried a young woman, doing the well know potty dance. “Fine, no other option currently” the woman succumbed unwillingly. 418 more words


Heroine Boys and Princely Girls: How Nozaki-kun is Challenging Gender Roles in Fiction | The Mary Sue

This is a shounen anime based on a guy-character who writes Shoujo manga and I would like to actually well see this because apparently it’s very funny :) 18 more words


[ANIME] Hybrid Child OVA to be released Fall 2014 - AFA Channel!

I think, from what I gleaned from Wikipedia, this is different from Shungiku Nakamura;s usual flare. Hybrid Child is about a android type project who grows as love is invested onto him. 170 more words


Maslow Theorem: The Great Society America 21st Century

Maslow Theorem: The Great Society America 21st Century (work in progress-by Paul D. Goree)

Now that President Obama has cemented another critical piece to the resolvement of the Great Society. 586 more words