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*** Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective

Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective

Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective. If you looking for Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective. For more details of Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective, please follow the link below. 431 more words


I am of an age where I sometimes remember things that happened years ago better than I remember what I had for breakfast, or even what I intended to do when I walked into this room.   1,176 more words


Dr. Lisa Wade Lists Professor's Top Ten Hates

Lisa Wade, Ph. D., at Sociological Images created a list of Professor’s pet peeves. I take issue with almost all of them and based on Wade’s list have prejudicially determined she is a boring, self absorbed, smarter than anyone teacher and would despise her, most likely intentionally tanking any course I was unfortunate enough to suffer beneath her. 1,312 more words

Kiniro no Corda 1 – METANORN

Kiniro no Corda 1 – METANORN.

It’s hard as fuck to dissect otome games or ecchi games and animes so I do give ample credit who can see some slivers of brillainces in these genres (there are some flotsam about) 144 more words


THE HERETICAL IMPERATIVE (with apologies to Peter Berger)

Two internationally recognized authors and educators wrote in the latter part of the 20th century in response to the problems of pluralism in our times. They each wrote of different places and situations, but the timelessness of their combined message struck me in a powerful way while writing my dissertation from the research done in South Africa in 1989. 1,257 more words