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Getting Serious About Mental Health

Police need to get serious about how they are responding to what appears to be a growing problem regarding the management of persons with mental disorders. 506 more words


Throw the Bums Out!

In current American society, perhaps there is no mantra more prevalent as “throw the bums out.” The 112th Congress achieved dubious notoriety of passing a record low number of bills, and having the lowest approval rating of any congressional session. 421 more words

Tedrowe Bonner

The Manosphere is Ran by Failed Children of Privilege

I had originally titled this one The Manosphere is Ran by Key-Jockeying Fat Faggots, but I’ve chosen to change the title for the fact that I am not homophobic (and some would instantly confuse me of being so for using a simple word). 2,370 more words


When Monsters Are Born: 'Carrie', 'Firestarter' & 'Silent Hill'

The birth of evil is always a tragedy, and the most heartbreaking tragedy of all is when the most innocent become the most monstrous.  It’s tragic because we know, even when we don’t witness it firsthand, that the path that led there was one of horrendous pain.  1,594 more words


Educational Attainment

Only one in 20 Americans aged 25 to 34 whose parents didn’t finish high school has a college degree. The average across 20 rich countries in the O.E.C.D.

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