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Visiting conferences abroad: cherries on top of an academic cake or an absolute necessity?

by Demet Yazilitas / Reading Time: 8 minutes

Early June 2014 I attended the International Science and Mathematics Education Congress organized by the Educational Research and Publications Associations… 1,724 more words

PhD Issues

The Power of Voice

Let’s be honest: when it comes to publishing, most academic specialties, sociology included, tend towards being dry. Papers, reports, charts, graphs, data, innumerable footnotes, and complicated academic vocabularies dominate. 377 more words


The Value of the Human Person

I have grown weary for this world offers nothing but suffering. For every good that we have done, there is a greater evil being perpetrated. We the upset the balance, the chase for truth has turned us into torturers. 306 more words


What's With All This War Stuff Anyway?

Physical conflict among humans is natural. Faced daily with horrific images of bloodshed via mass media, it may be apparent that these are increasingly violent times for humanity. 1,791 more words

The Decline of Online Civility in American Society

Weber Shandwick, a leading global relations firm, found in a recent survey that 94 percent of Americans consider the tone in general discussion and degree of civility to be a problem. 374 more words


A Minister and an Academic

Last week I had the honour of spendingĀ a few days working at the National Housing Federation conference and managed to get into a few of the talks. 849 more words


Why Do We Hate Our Facebook Friends?

I think people try too hard to be diplomatic with associative relationships and these people cannot balance the duality that everyone is NOT your friend. Yes, respect EVERYONE, try to converse slightly and politely with EVERYONE, but I have to stress that EVERYONE is not your friend. 1,370 more words