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The Living Contradictions of PUAs Longing For Traditionalism

Sometime last month, I stumbled across, yes, more articles at Return Of Kings and Matt Forney about the importance of bringing back traditional sex roles. Some of you guys and dolls are like… 1,308 more words


Can Video Games Create Empathy and Awareness for Real World Issues?

NPR recently reported on a experimental Virtual reality game that attempts to create a connection between participants and a conflict happening thousands of miles away. … 521 more words

Video Games

Thought Of The Day: January 23rd, 2015

- The late and legendary jazz musician Miles Davis said in his autobiography – two years before dying with cancer – that when it comes dealing with black men, black women see themselves as mothers, teachers or some other type of authority figure who’s supposed to have leverage over them. 871 more words


An Actor Network Theory analysis of the Twitter Inc. Initial Public Offering

On November 7th 2013, the Twitter IPO went live selling stock for a combined value of $24.9 billion. Despite having only $500 million in revenue, no major physical assets, and no profit, Twitter still managed to dominate as one of the most successful IPOs ever. 4,120 more words


Tokenism: 1

While tokenism is different from gentrification (aka “planning and development”), the latter influences it to a high degree and the two collaborates perfectly for specific results. 1,504 more words


How Whites Expose Their True Identities

Modern technology and social media causes people to expose their true colors while unmasking their identities. And they’re too fucking stupid to realize it.

Yes, I am aware that it can get worse and it has. 28 more words


How the West Will Resemble the Black Community... Or Worse: 2

“Nobody will care about their fate or well-being, and their demise might become a source of entertainment.” ~ ¬†Advocatus Diaboli (The Many Ways Older Whites Are Screwed…

1,080 more words