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On-Point Simps, Coons, Faggots and Paper Tigers

The dark side of human nature reveals the uncomfortable nature that people love controlling other people; without that, most people have nothing. Every relationship is based on a zero-sum, Dominant/submissive platform. 1,739 more words


Let's Talk About Race

(A 14-minute video)

Let us deeply listen to this powerful piece…

And then go out and do what we know we have to do!

No longer color blind, but “color brave!”


How Did These Graduate Students Improve Their Working Conditions? They Went on Strike!

(from the Nation, by Michelle Chen) On their campus set amid the idyllic northwestern woodlands, graduate students at the University of Oregon stepped out of their classrooms and onto… 128 more words


The Underworld of Black Men and Gender Queers

Now, I am most certainly not one to attack or degrade a person’s sexuality. Once you do that, you degrade them as human beings. Even terms like “sex addict” were historically used to demonize the sexuality of black men, women and gays alike. 1,251 more words


I'm one neo- marxist, working class, ethnically proud, assertive female with a hybrid identity.

I don’t ever ever ever ever ever want to analyse
my identity again

Thank Jeebus its gone, posted, never to be seen again.

Because if its taught me anything I am bloody boring. 6 more words


Homeless Pets and Animal Shelters

Today’s animal shelters seem so caught up in trying to find homes for pets, to get them out of the shelters, that they don’t seem to be paying much attention to the reliability of the new homeowners. 388 more words