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Divine Life and Afterlife narrative:

Once upon a time, the universe was created by the sun-god, Ra, who appeared out of primeval chaos and created the air god Shu and his wife, Tefnut; to these were born the sky-goddess Nut and the earth-god Geb, who in turn bore Osiris, Isis, and Set.

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The liberal progress narrative in sociology

The discipline of American sociology itself provides an example of the ways big stories actually undergird and make important human practices that themselves appear on the surface to be unrelated to the mythical constitution of reality.

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Just when you hoped peace would start, terror reins

God forbid everyone just got along…

I mean seriously… WTF?

Airplanes crashing, airplanes being shot down, airplanes missing, women being terrorized, nations going at or after each other. 1,353 more words

The Way It Is

WSJ: Improve Your Listening Skills

Better listening helps both the talker AND the listener – we all benefit by improved communication!

WSJ: Improving listening skills can help teams work more smoothly. 331 more words

Building A Better Tomorrow

How I Became a Feminist

In 1998 my wife discovered a mass in her abdomen. It was about the size of a softball. We scheduled an appointment with an ob-gyn, who told us that it was probably not a cancerous ovarian cyst. 2,039 more words


Texas A&M University-Central Texas Visiting Assistant Professorship in Anthropology/Criminal Justice

Deadline: Review begins immediately

Length: Unstated (starts Autumn 2014)

Comments: “Primary teaching responsibilities will be upper level undergraduate courses in race and ethnicity, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology, and forensics.“ 13 more words

2014 Deadlines

10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry!

Artical by J.Lee Grady (cited from the JOY Magazine, July 2014 publication)

“My wife and I raised four daughters – without shotguns in the house! -and three of them have already married. 983 more words