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Video abstract - 'Food Co-ops and the Paradox of Exclusivity'

Forthcoming in Antipode 47(3) in 2015, and available online now, Andrew Zitcer’s ‘Food Co-ops and the Paradox of Exclusivity‘ is a great contribution to the journal’s growing stock of papers on cooperatives, ethical consumption, alternative food movements, and diverse economies.* 533 more words

Video Abstracts

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Recently, I came across a very interesting video abstract from the Antipode Foundation on the paradox of exclusivity that tends to surround food cooperatives. In order for a food co-op to be successful, there must be a palpable sense of cohesion to govern the individuals participating in it. The inclusive nature of the co-op inherently excludes some members of the co-op's local populace, hence the paradox. I thought the subject is so relevant here since its important to understand the underlying sociology at work in our efforts to instill equitable and sustainable food systems. Researcher Andrew Zitcer attributes the paradox to three main conditions: the expensive and culturally specific nature of co-op foods, the inclusive/exclusive marketing language co-ops use, and the unconventional business practices of co-ops. He invites educator and co-op board member Esteban Kelly to wrestle with what it means for a co-op to operate in a democratic, multiracial society with a historical legacy of segregation

Not for Profit Health Care - II

Part 2 – People will argue that we need money to fund medical procedures and research… let me tell you why this is a scam… Yes money is needed, but that’s only because our government is not involved… Health Care should be a matter for the people, and the government SHOULD step in and not give us an “Affordable Health Care Act”, but rather FREE health care for the people… This should be a basic necessity that we should be provided with as TAX PAYERS… You should want to keep us healthy and happy so we can continue to create and grow this planet… If Government stepped in and provided health care to our citizens and stabilize the capitalist greed structure that surrounds the medical field, we would see a rise in overall wellness in our society… We are broken, tired and hungry and need some assistance too… Help us so that we can help the world… A person in need should not be looked at as a dollar sign or a pay raise or bonus.   271 more words


Asian grocery mystery

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by for a read.  A few days ago Jeanne decided to give me a shot of rare pleasure.  She took me to my favorite place in the Kansas City area:  A giant Asian grocery store. 273 more words


December 22, 2014

“I can get to Heaven…
I see the —…”

Last weekend I took Sunday off the electronics: No computer (No Minecraft, TED talks, music, ebay, researching) no ipod (likewise + brain training apps.) 2,156 more words

The Degraded Position of People in the World

I had to finish the title to this piece by adding in the world. And I also have to add “and the increased importance of things.” I do not have to explain what… 293 more words