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social media and our grand ineptitude continuously on display

The photo and caption struck me like a backhand rising from my coffee mug. Engaged in my morning comfort ritual, I wasn’t prepared for anger before 7 a.m., but there it was. 421 more words

Daily Quote

“The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now.”
–Bill Cosby


It's Hard to Function in a Dysfunctional Society

Largely because dysfunctional societies (one of my favorite terms) cannot recognize that they are just that. This is a concept they cannot imagine. Or even the idea that… 284 more words


Tisch und Thymian goes Amazed. im Stu.

Und wieder ein Abend, der um 11 Uhr morgens anfängt, mit Thymianzweigleinbinden, Artischocken putzen und Besteckpolieren, und um 2 Uhr nachts endet, mit dem Gefühl, die Welt sei stehengeblieben. 46 more words


Jesus the Zealot

For the Lenten season, I decided to make a “religious” detour and postponed some of my on-going projects for something about belief. Though I have a lot of unread books about atheism, Eastern belief systems, and sociology of religion, I thought of rereading a favorite… 1,457 more words


The Sins of the Grandfather

The sun will rise within two hours.  Another sleepless night imprisons my soul.  Another day of less than consciousness awaits me tomorrow. For now, I have one more story to tell. 980 more words


Unequal Pay: For Women Only - Part Two (There really is a Part One.)

I agreed in Part One of this essay that there may be a small average pay difference of five percentage points between employed American women and men. 2,132 more words

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