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Evolutionary biology's take on why women like jerks

Evolutionary scientists noticed a strange phenomenon among species including lions, rodents and even our closest relatives, chimpanzees.

When a male or males took over a group of their peers, he or they would kill all the infants fathered by other males. 154 more words


latest interviews on the philosophy of religion(s)

“But is the existence of God just a philosophical question, like, say, the definition of knowledge or the existence of Plato’s forms?” Gary Gutting, NYT…

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This week in 'duh' studies

Overly obvious studies have been more difficult to come across lately, which is inversely a good thing for me—it takes away my fun segments, but it would give me more serious things to write about, which is where my passion lies in the first place. 460 more words

Duh Studies

New Anti-Bullying Teddy Bear Out On The Market

Tired of your son getting bullied in school? Tired of him acting like a girl? You see other kids making fun of him and there’s nothing you can do? 199 more words

Spreadsheets vs Databases - Two Kinds of People

I watch in amazement as people cling to their spreadsheets, and insist on using them – instead of using databases, which is what they should be using. 357 more words



Have you heard about the #HeForShe campaign that Emma Watson is pushing? Here’s the video: HeForShe.

In case you don’t have 13 minutes to spend watching Emma Watson speak about feminism and equality, I’ll summarize the main points below. 715 more words

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Possibilities for an Interesting Future for Organizational Sociology

As teachers, we often hear that the future will be shaped by our students. If this is the case, then the signs are mixed and confusing. 1,156 more words