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The Love Of His Life

How many times can you say “The love of my life”? I thought that no matter how many relationships one has, it is not possible to apply this sentence to each and every one of them. 427 more words


I had loved the sociopath since I was 13. We met again at 30.

The last relationship I had was with the man who mentally captured me within his sociopathic snare quite early in the game. He had me at 13 and we fell in love, but not quite. 469 more words


Will I always feel such loss, having lost something intangible, something so fabricated? Or was it like a garment too quickly worn thin? Is love such a waste that one should have need to discard it? 166 more words

His Crime Co Efficient

I wish I could talk to him like this…
It’s been a day since you replied to that text. I’m sure you are aware that ogling my progress & going from a low crime coefficient to still…maybe 60 is still hard to maintain. 135 more words

Frustrated With Humans

Its just been a crap week surrounded by liars and the incompetent. The sociopath in me is just screaming to come out but what is the point sinking the their level? 154 more words


Training the mind to devalue the lives of others

Wherever we find crimes against humanity, there is a good chance we will find ideology. And I don’t mean ideology to suggest extremism, just simply the presence of ideas that are used to justify or explain the crime. 882 more words


Steve Stalking Me On Twitter

Earlier this year, *Steve started to stalk me on Twitter. In fact, he had created a different alias, which I blocked, so then he created another account @Steveitsyou, which I have blocked also (after responding a few times). 365 more words