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I ache for my emotional waves. I want them back. I want to feel the rush and intensity of sever and complicated feelings. I crave the madness that once ensued my life. 84 more words

|Сука Любовь|

Anyone that has ever thought I ´loved´ them, you are so adorable for thinking that. Makes me giggle.

If you´d know anything about me, you´d know that I have no idea what… 177 more words


Sociopaths lack the capacity for empathy.

  • Sociopaths have a profound lack of empathy for the feelings of others. They lack the internal feedback system by which normal people monitor themselves. (Most people call this “conscience,” which is probably as useful a term as any.) Sociopaths do not have this and don’t feel bad about abusing other people.
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Welcoming a narc back in your life would mean welcoming the disorder. Think again before breaking No Contact!

I have been trying to make all the efforts I can to help myself and those around me who are recovering from a psychopath/narc abuse. While going through a couple of readings I caught a very interesting point which mentioned that when we deal with someone with NPD, we are not dealing with that person, but a severe incurable disorder. 289 more words


How Many Sociopaths Do We Interact With?

Yesterday I posted an article on Vigilant Vote called Sociopaths Among Us. Part of me wanted to also share it here, but it was too political, and I don’t want to scare any of my followers away. 1,086 more words

Being Human

According To Statistics

“Nine women are shot dead every week by their husband or intimate partner.”

I believe after all the abuse I endured, that I would have been one of these women had my (ex) husband owned a gun. 73 more words


The Divorce: Part 1

So, my brain froze when he said that.

And, things inside me broke open.

Feelings fought for sole attention, competing with each other like siblings for their mother’s focus. 863 more words