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Discretion and trolls

Today I wrote a blog post about kiddies running amok in cafes and restaurants and the parents who ignore their behaviour and allow others to deal with it. 449 more words


The End

I surprise myself sometimes with how shocked I still feel by how he ended things.  We were just back from a two week holiday when he asked to meet me after work. 409 more words


I'm glad you realize you're a sociopath.

So it’s been an odd couple of days. You came by on thursday to pick up our son for visitation.. That same morning I woke up to no electricity in our home because our parents defaulted on the light bill.. 1,073 more words

Emotional Abuse at its finest...

I’m not even sure I should be writing about this, because it could get me in trouble.. But I’m going to anyhow, because it’s really fucking me up.. 568 more words

Socio Anthem: Delusion♡Express


This is the third OP from season two of the Monogatari franchise, a high school urban fantasy anime drawing heavily on Shinto theology and obscure Japanese linguistics. 603 more words

ASPD Urge Control Meditation

Lately, when I feel my baser urges spike in intensity, I simply do the following. No snark or lame jokes today, Dear Readers. I’ll do something twisted and funny soon. 498 more words

"The Dirty" Interview

So I have been cooresponding back and forth with a radio station out of Philadelphia which is my closest media market about telling my story on a feature they call “The Dirty” where you basically blast someone who has done you dirty.   173 more words