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The End Of My Nose...

The end of my nose isn’t too far from me. I’m quite pleased about that. However, I do try and look beyond it pretty much all the time (I go cross-eyed if I don’t). 513 more words


Are You Dating A Sociopath?

Years ago, I don’t think people paid as much attention to the possibilities of dating someone with a mental illness as they do now. I don’t think it’s because there are more people with mental illnesses but it’s the fact that everything is wide open since the coming of age of social media. 1,341 more words


emotional rape.

I have never felt so violated in my entire life.
If he had tried to use force, I would have had a chance to fight back. 41 more words

Abusive Relationships

The 7 biggest lies women believe

7- My wife doesn’t understand me: “I try to talk to her, she just criticizes me” It’s easy to fall for this one, after all we think this guy is great!  490 more words

about me.

I’m just regular, was minding my own business when along comes this dude who decides to fuck up my entire life for me, for no goddamn reason at all except to amuse himself because he is a vindictive sadistic sociopath.

Abusive Relationships

An Introduction

I am not a killer. I am not a heartless animal.  I am not a piece of trash. I am a liar. I am a cheater. 193 more words