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Sock Hunter Episode 92: Yucca Lovers

With fearsome determination, I set off in search of my latest quarry. The *yucca socks, being my quarry, were evading me masterfully. I continued to pursue them through verdant leaves and over tangled roots. 133 more words

Sock Hunter

RIP Socks...

As I have mentioned before, I can’t stand waste… and when one sock dies, it seems a shame to throw out its mate. What I do, is keep the good sock, match it with another individual one and then take the newly matched pair on one last holiday (because usually they are close to the end of their lives too). 48 more words


WIP Progress - Socks!

I started these socks, or rather this sock as there is still only one, a while ago. I’m using my own hand dyed yarn for the first time and MadelineTosh sock yarn in Edison Bulb ( I really heart this colorway). 216 more words


Sunny Feet and Seaside Anklets

Hi friends!

My, my, the weather has been crazy during this last week … Two days of continuous rain without so much as a five minute break and then one thunderstorm per day … What a summer!


Work in Progress: Beach Edition

One sock finished, the second started. Because I had nothing else to do while sitting on the beach. So, I knit. A lot.