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No Second Sock Syndrome

As I’ve said, sometimes I experience Second Sock Syndrome even if the pattern is of my own making. Second Sock Syndrome is when the second of a pair of socks takes an unrealistically long, long time from cast on to cast off. 153 more words


Socks compliment the shoes...

I have been subscribed to a rad company that sends me a pair of unique work socks every month. This is actually the only subscription I have ever been subscribed to, and it is worth it. 127 more words


Something a little different... Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year – Yes, yes, I know it’s 2 months away, but that’s either 2 or 3 paydays! I’ve started budgeting carefully, keeping an eye out for what the husband might express certain interest in and not to mention started to create my own wish list! 280 more words


They're All Trying to Help Me Knit...

…(or not knit) as I strive to be Wonder Woman. I just finished up mid-terms. My schedule changes next week, immediately after another exam. My car just cost me too much money, and prompted me to take on a third grade class today. 700 more words


Red Socks

Love these little red numbers from Marks & Spencer – meant for girls but even cuter for boys with jeans.


Chapter Three - Questions and Discoveries

It isn’t easy trying to think like a sock.

Able Ponder was struggling with this fact as he stared into his tumble dryer, watching his laundry swirl with a gentle, lopsided rhythm that he found surprisingly calming for something that was, technically, a chore. 2,682 more words

The Adventures Of Sockboy

Floor is the new dryer

Dryer appears to be broken. Give-a-damn also busted. Socks and skivvies are gonna have to hang out on the floor til they dry.