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114 - Socks Vs. Shoes

In this historic episode, we both happen to pick foot-related topics. It’s socks vs. shoes in an epic battle of footwear. Learn why socks are under appreciated, what other uses socks have (besides the obvious sock puppet plays), and why shoes are like socks’ socks. 39 more words

Crafty update

It’s Good Friday and I am loving the Spring weather and the new foliage on the trees so much as peopple who follow me on instagram will know.   337 more words


Episode IV: The training so far...

I have been planning to write a blog about this walk for a while, and it had taken me until Good Friday and a bank holiday, after listening to the new album from We Came Out Like Tigers, to get around to it. 677 more words

Ahh! Socks!

I got completely, inordinately out-of-proportion happy this morning at discovering a new pair of socks in a bag. I had forgotten that I had bought a two pack of twin-skin ankle running socks, and had been using them in my usual sock rotation. 388 more words



You should not mess around with your feet if you have diabetes. This is a condition that seems to be growing, especially in the United States. 314 more words


Considered bliss Softening Socks

Extraordinary comfort is the primary concern of every person. Whether you are a runner, a hiker, a trekker, or just an active person, comfort is the first thing that comes into your mind when buying sports apparel or clothing. 260 more words

Grey Good Friday

It’s Good Friday and a grey, wet sort of day. Not cold, just soggy and at times slightly dark and no good at all for hanging washing on the line but perfectly OK for dog walking (two in fact – walks, that is) and an excellent stay at home sort of day (aside from the walks) with lots of knitting and sewing and creating going on all over the place in a slow relaxed way that comes with a rainy day spent at home right at the beginning of a long holiday weekend. 190 more words