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What's the problem with education?

Book II of Plato’s Republic includes a conversation between Glaucon and Socrates, in an attempt to the get to the heart of what justice/injustice is. To accomplish this, Socrates leads Glaucon down the concept of a city, and tangents off into explaining things that a city needs not only to be healthy, but luxurious as well(373b). 299 more words


Civilisation 17: Diogenes of Sinope (A barrel of laughs)

Welcome to the ‘Civilisation’ blog series. This is my attempt to categorise some of history’s most famous (and infamous) names. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s silly. 557 more words


To find yourself think for yourself!!!

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”
– Socrates

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Life & Living

The whole and nothing but.

Truth. It seems like it should be a simple concept. “Just tell the truth.” But before we can tell it, we need to know it. And in order to know something, it must first be discovered, learned, or… 198 more words


LUDOVICI: The Ugliness of Socrates

The life of Socrates is well known in the philosophical community. It is generally believed that Socrates was wrongfully condemned to death for corrupting the youth of Athens, and that he died as a martyr to Truth and to independent thought. 714 more words


Euthyphro by Plato (trans. G.M.A. Grube)

While heading to court to answer charges of corrupting the youth, Socrates meets up with Euthyphro who is reporting his father for murder. Many believe Euthyphro crazy to prosecute his own father. 895 more words

Ponha, Ponha, Contraponha!

Feitos um contra o outro.

As melhoras,