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Xenophon, Apology 6.1-7.3: An Easier Time to Die

“And if my age proceeds along still more, I know that old age’s traits will necessarily develop: worse vision, weaker hearing, slower learning and less memory for what I have learned already. 121 more words


Catching the Spirit of Philosophy

Philosophy is unlike any discipline I ever studied in school. The word philosophy (from Greek: phileo, meaning “love,” and sophia, meaning “wisdom”) means the love of wisdom. 416 more words


The Bear Cult, Part I

My wife planend to write about the bear cult, but has instead decided to make videos about this. Enjoy:


The Harmony of the Soul: Plato's Republic

Lex Solo has asked me to write a blog post about the forms of government in Plato’s Republic, and instead of giving a simple explanation of these, I had to go off topic: Was Plato’s Republic truly a political work? 905 more words


Knowing The Time And Manner Of Our Death

The characters in Nevil Shute‘s On The Beach know that barring natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances, they will die in a few months time–in September 1963–of radiation sickness, brought on by the thirty-seven day thermonuclear war that has already wiped out life in the northern hemisphere. 472 more words


Quote of the Week

Critical thinking skills are so important to learn at an early age so that children begin to ask not what the problem is but how they will approach it. 


How To "Corrupt The Youth" Using Philosophy

It is often said that history repeats itself. As well as the notion that there is nothing new (technology). It is with an acceptance that I kind of agree with these clichés. 1,707 more words