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I use Socrative as one of my formative assessment tools.  It’s very easy to use and you can have a quiz ready to go in minutes.   320 more words

Formative Assessment

Create Classroom Quizzes with Socrative

With the proliferation of computers and mobile devices in classrooms in the last few years, there are lots of opportunities to make use of these technologies to add interactive elements to your teaching. 320 more words


Kahoot vs Socrative

Wow another blog entry and within a couple of days. Amazing! :)

This probably has been done before but I’ll put my two cents into the mix. 451 more words

Class Ideas

Peer Instruction, a first experiment

After writing enthusiastically last week about the presentation by Eric Mazur that I had attended in Utrecht I thought a follow up was necessary. I couldn’t possibly leave it at just an interesting and new bit to the selection of ‘activating lesson forms’ that I and every teacher walks round with. 774 more words

Finding Time for Technology in Writing Workshop

I think my students would tell you that our classroom is a happy, productive place. They would also tell you that it’s predictable. Monday through Thursday, we write during notebook time, read mentor texts and take notes during the lesson, and write and confer during workshop. 1,076 more words

Writing Workshop