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Responsible couponing - weekly shopping trip

Couponing. It’s not my favorite word. It implies an activity done by¬†greedy hyped up consumers who somehow get a rush out of getting 6 bags of croutons for free. 274 more words


If you're Going to do ONE Thing for your Health, This is it.

If you are going to do one thing for your health this year this is it! Cutting out soft drinks alone has helped people lose tremendous amounts of weight, improve their health, and improve their quality of living. 13 more words


Great Moments In Badvertising History: Save Wives From Working, Doc Loves His Camels & Babies Guzzle Soda

As we’ve told you before: Anyone looking through old magazine ads could only conclude that the past was pretty darn terrible… At least if that past includes a mission to save your wife from having a job outside the home, doctors that smoked like chimneys, and babies drinking soda like it’s the nectar of life itself.


I noticed I have replaced drinking alcohol with eating a lot of carbs and sugars. While that may be temporarily better for me (at least I am not getting drunk), I know it is still not healthy. 435 more words


Lenten Laugter

So this year I undertook the challenge of observing Lent for the first time in my life in an effort to recognize the sacrifice that Jesus made for me by dying on the cross. 658 more words

Sioux City Prickly Pear soda Review

This soda has been hyped up to me by a former roommate, so naturally, my estimation of his opinion (and of him as a human being) is riding on my appreciation of this. 279 more words


on the topic of please: seriously?!

i’m taking this at face value:¬†S.C. man gets $500 federal fine for soda refill

as a news junkie, i see stories similar to this one maybe once or twice a month. 540 more words