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Malaysia's Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim Awaits Sodomy Appeal Verdict

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim returns to court next week to learn whether he will be jailed on sodomy charges.

On Tuesday, Malaysia’s Federal Court will hear Anwar’s appeal of his March conviction for engaging in homosexual acts, charges both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International… 333 more words

Revisiting Sodom

In Genesis 19 from the Bible, why was the city of Sodom destroyed with no remains except ashes? The traditional answer provided by many conservative Christians is because the men of Sodom were homosexuals. 2,911 more words


Same-Sex Marriage Showdown: Idaho Ministers Told To Perform Same-Sex Marriages Or Face Fines

There is an interesting case out of Idaho that could be a critical showdown between anti-discrimination laws and freedom of exercise of religion. At the heart of the controversy are two Christian ministers, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who own a Coeur d’Alene wedding chapel. 592 more words

Criminal Law

Paladin Justice reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:

Is the former USA, now the USSA, so f*cked up that the government can force two Christian ministers to "marry" same-sex couples. According to Dr. Turley, conservative legal scholar, this is a defining moment for Constitutional law. I'll add that it's also a defining moment for the right of a so-called free people to remain free of annoying faggot pests who could easily find some faggot "pastor" somewhere to marry them. This situation p*sses me off to no end, but I'll defer to Dr. Turley's brilliant analysis of the case and recommend you read what he has to say while I try to cool off.

The New Gospel of Sodom

The following is the explosive Synod Report from the Vatican:



“Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? 2,720 more words

Synod On The Family

Pope Francis fiddles as Rome burns

It is as I thought. The Council continues, but this time there are no ambiguities. They are out in the open in attacking the moral edifice of the Church. 1,190 more words

Synod On The Family

An Eyeful

Some weeks ago Ijaz was explaining to me about the restrictions placed on the devout during Ramadan. I had said that I understood that it was not just an injunction against food and drink passing the lips during daylight but anything doing so. 965 more words