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House of Horrors

(Artical copied from http://www.Oprah.com)


Twin Sisters’ Chilling Childhood




Kellie Henderson was just a child when she was forced to do the unthinkable: stand guard for her oldest brother Andrew while he raped her twin sister Kathie in the basement of their family’s Wichita, Kansas, home. 1,872 more words


Former Police Department Employee Charged with Sodomy, Assault

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A former civilian employee of the St. Louis Police Department is jailed following charges of sodomy and assault.

St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson says 28-year-old Michael Cornell touched a male victim inappropriately and even fought off his refusals. 286 more words


Worst Day

Can you remember the worst day in your life? For me it’s not that hard to even though it was twenty years ago. It’s something I never fully shared with anyone and only a thing that someone tries to forget but perhaps never will. 615 more words


St. Louis Civilian Police Employee Faces Charges

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A civilian employee of the St. Louis Police Department is facing charges for allegedly impersonating an officer and sexually assaulting a male victim. 160 more words


Republican makes AIDS, "Gay Agenda" demented campaign issues

As far as hot button issues are concerned, the Republican primary race for governor has been a snooze, with the four candidates steering clear of controversy like gay marriage.

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Marked Degeneracy, Last Day Signs

“Yiffing” is a term that describes a fast-growing line of perversion, where adults dress up as furry animals and perform sexual acts on one another.  It’s marketed similarly with children’s entertainment, undoubtedly aimed at recruiting children as future degenerates, much like the “gay” lifestyle, and even school children are exposed to perverse “transgender” practices palmed off as “alternative lifestyles” courses. 1,035 more words