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Secret Agent Soda

The worst thing you can do in war is let the enemy behind your lines. With weight loss if you don’t pay attention to what you drink you might as well leave the enemy a welcome mat. 135 more words


Coca-Cola Santa Claus - Atlanta, GA

When in need of other models for his paintings, Sundblom recruited children in the neighborhood. He chose two local girls for one painting, but at the last-minute decided to make one of them a boy. 212 more words


Soft Drinks

Soft drinks have replaced water in our daily lives. And due to a lack of knowledge about the harmful effects of the drinks people continue to use it to the extent of at least a glass with every meal. 152 more words

Health Tips

Drink de Limão sem Álcool - Lemon drink (non alcoholic)


Como por aqui os dias estão começando a ficar bem quentes, e sei que no Brasil o frio não dura muito, nada melhor do que receitas mais leves e frescas. 189 more words

Limão Siciliano

Would you intentionally drink something that turns into methanol and formaldehyde in your body?


I’ve got bad news for you then. Head to your refrigerator and throw out all the fruit juices and fruit. 362 more words


Student ‘entrepreneur’ suspended for selling banned non-diet pop at school

A Lethbridge, Alta., high school student was suspended last week for selling non-diet soft drinks to his peers, violating school nutritional and marketing policies and drawing the ire of administrators. 455 more words