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Drink de Limão sem Álcool - Lemon drink (non alcoholic)


Como por aqui os dias estão começando a ficar bem quentes, e sei que no Brasil o frio não dura muito, nada melhor do que receitas mais leves e frescas. 189 more words

Limão Siciliano

Student ‘entrepreneur’ suspended for selling banned non-diet pop at school

A Lethbridge, Alta., high school student was suspended last week for selling non-diet soft drinks to his peers, violating school nutritional and marketing policies and drawing the ire of administrators. 455 more words


Coke Is Bringing Surge Back, But Where Are These Other, Better Classic Drinks?

Just when you thought that Facebook was only good for sparking political arguments with people you haven’t seen in person in 13 years or complaining about all of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos clogging your normally enthralling feed, fans of a discontinued soft drink are changing the way that people use social media… at least this week. 1,686 more words

Web Culture

We Have Seen The Future, And It Serves Strawberry Dr Pepper

Last year, we brought you news that Pepsi finally had its answer to the Coke Freestyle super-fountain, and it was called the Pepsi Touch Tower. Over a year later, these machines finally made their way out into the wild, and have been renamed the Pepsi Spire. 353 more words


Swimming in a Pool ... By the Sea ... (Actually a Giant Lake)

So, as the title suggests, I went swimming in a pool next to lake Victoria. It was pretty cool as from a certain angle it almost looked as if it was part of the lake. 118 more words


Soft Drinks and Aggression in Children: The Root Cause

Why does soft drink consumption in children and adolescents seem to elicit aggression and deficits in attention? Is sugar driving these responses? Is it the caffeine or something else perhaps? 1,108 more words


Coca-Cola Introduces New 30-Liter Size


The Coca-Cola Corporation held a press conference yesterday to announce that its soft drinks will soon be available exclusively in 30-liter plastic bottles. 848 more words