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That awkward moment when you shake someone’s hand and they’re like you have such hard hands is such a bummer! It doesn’t feel good to be judged by the stature of your hands, all a true lady wants, is to have soft and gentle hands that are tender and ooze feminine on the touch. 585 more words


A Few of My Favorite Things COUNTDOWN: #2

As a former Stylist, I have a passion for finding great products.  In the next couple of months I am going to share some of my favorite products; from hair care all the way down to my favorite toenail polish. 149 more words

Soft Hands

I like hands, not as a fetish, but as a wonder of bio-engineering and because of the interesting shapes and sizes they come with. Each set of hands is different yet the same. 659 more words

Not So Random

soft hands

I wash my hands over 40 times a day.  Between the harshness of heavy duty soaps and the frequency of water exposure, it is hard to keep the skin on my hands from wearing out.   614 more words

Living Colorfully