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My Homemade Soft Pretzels.

I (maybe) have a slight obsession with pretzels… and when I started to crave Auntie Anne’s pretzels on Sunday, I went straight to Pinterest to find a copy-cat recipe. 361 more words


Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask. The BerryMama’s Luxury Sleep Mask is so soft and comfortable, you will forget you’re wearing one! Luxury Sleep Mask is flexible, durable and wide so it surrounds your head and easily connects #sleep #mask #nite #goodsleep #sleep

Lao Tsu ~ "Water is the softest thing, ...

… yet it can penetrate mountains and the earth. This shows clearly the principal of softness overcoming hardness”

Words I 'Dig'


It seems that baby Mallards and baby Wood Ducks both have the same dark stripe behind their eyes so I can’t tell the difference between the two kinds unless their mom is around. 62 more words