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Best and cheap Soft switch

Adore grace of business-class switching solutions is perfect for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses or multi-site avocation networks. Our extrication address today’s highest networking dominance for upgrading to Voice over IP (VoIP). 173 more words


Customer Call Queue Position & Wait Time

With Neox Dial Centre tell your callers how long they can expect to wait for an available agent & they will be more satisfied… 130 more words

Paying Money for Conference Calls

With Neox IP-PBX you don’t have to pay or rely on third party vendor for conference call services. With Neox you can set your conference call as per organizational need without incurring any additional cost… 97 more words

Hosted vs. On-Premises Systems: Pros & Cons

There are many serious considerations that an organization should make – to go for Hosted Solution or On-premises solution available in the market. Few of the points are mentioned below: 94 more words

Connect Employees Anywhere, Anytime

With employees scattered across geographies, the company constantly have to search for low cost service providers.

With Neox – No matter where your employees works, your staff members can simply make a free Intercom call using a 4 digit no. 110 more words

Hosted Solution Top Reasons to Rent Softswitch

Softswitch VoIP solution mainly used to provide call control (signaling and management services) has now got many advantages and offers high ROI. Initially VoIP providers should know the reasons to rent a… 676 more words

Neox Introduction Video

The video provides you with basic information about Neox IP Solution i.e. Neox IP-PBX, Dial Centre & Softswitch.

You can share the video with clients to give them a basic information about Neox and its product range. 59 more words