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Software - an expense or an asset?

I walked in my friend’s office yesterday for a drink. It was a normal day on a Thursday afternoon and I was in a mood for that #PhuzaThursday drink. 164 more words

Software Development

Can "One Windows" Fix Microsoft's App Problem?

What Does One Windows Mean for You? – Don Jones on Pluralsight blog

The idea of one Windows is intriguing, but as Don points out, it can mean different things to different people. 221 more words


Barcodes and Inventory Management

In present world, each business organization needs to have a proper mechanism to manage and monitor their business inventory information. Inventory management and control plays a key role in maintaining adequate commodity stock so as to meet all product demand in an efficient manner without any trouble. 360 more words


Interim No More: Rob Glaser Named Permanent CEO of RealNetworks

Rob Glaser, who founded RealNetworks in 1994 and served as its CEO until 2010, has been named permanent CEO of the Seattle-based digital media company. He has been interim CEO for the last two years, trying to turn around RealNetworks, including a move of its business to the cloud. 275 more words


Добавляем пути маршрутизации для VPN под Mac OS X

1) Открываем любой Text-Editor
2) Добавляем маршруты:

/sbin/route add -net 172.16 -interface ppp0

3) Сохраняем файл без расширения “ip-up” на Рабочий стол
4) Открываем терминал и перемащаем файл в /etc/ppp… 12 more words


An overview of Barcode & its Uses

A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of information relating to the object to which it is attached. They cannot be read directly by humans and need scanners to get manipulated for decoding stored data. 512 more words


Removing Reflections from Glass

If you shoot any imagery that contains glass you’re likely to run into the problem of reflections. Find out how to deal with reflections in post in this tutorial. 279 more words