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Easy and Trouble Free Tips To Maintain Your SERVER

Server maintenance is a not an easy task to perform. For that you need help from an IT technician or it will be difficult for you to determine where to start the maintenance process. 310 more words


The Black Menu Bar is Finally Here!

Finally! It’s been forever, but Apple has given us a “dark mode” in their new release of OS 10.10 Yosemite, bringing a black menu bar and a whole bunch of new features. 480 more words

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Development of Digital Forensic Tools on Mobile Device, a Potential Area to Consider?

Case Study: MobileTriage – JPEG Metadata Triage – Automated Extraction of Information using Mobile Forensic Tools


Mobile devices are now becoming part of our daily lives. 3,291 more words


Ways to Use Calibre

The link below is to an article that looks at ways to use the ebook software Calibre.

For more visit:


Understanding the Levels Command in Photoshop

The Levels command corrects tonal ranges and color balance issues. With this command you can fix poor exposure. Additionally, you can perform color correction by manually identifying a white point and black point in the image. 555 more words

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Process kwin uses 100% CPU when KDE screen is locked

For some time now, I have noticed that my laptop fan started to make a lot of noise after I locked my screen. Switching to a console and running (a)top, I found that the kwin process was causing this by using 100% of one of my four CPU cores. 190 more words


Lightroom Hangout: Finishing Big Files Panoramas and HDR's

Join Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim and their special guest Ron Pepper, a photographer who makes a living shooting panoramas and HDR’s photographs. It’s incredible the uses he’s put these photographic techniques to, and he’s a real a wiz at it. 366 more words

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