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Software as a Service: ERP by the Hour

⊆ Software as a Service: ERP by the Hour ⊇

So here’s the scoop… Traditional Information Systems infrastructure such as servers for storage, programs that are either custom or off-the-shelf, communications and more have typically happened within a business’s own network.   418 more words


Will Ruby on Rails Finally Gain Acceptance In 2015?

Way back in 2006, Ruby on Rails became a hot topic. A programming language and framework, Ruby on Rails, seemed like a bright development framework for web application. 836 more words


2014: A Whirlwind Year

Sometimes a year passes and you don’t know where the time went. At other times, you know exactly how you spent the time; you’re just a little unsure how you managed to pack so much into 12 measly months. 296 more words


Pivotal vet to head up marketing for Pantheon

Matt Stodolnic, a marketing veteran with years of experience at Pivotal, VMware, and Salesforce.com has moved onto Pantheon, the company that’s built its business on Drupal-based content management systems (CMS). 122 more words

Deployment options for EPM

Confused on all this “cloud” business for Oracle EPM?  There are a few options for those implementing an EPM environment.

  1. Traditional On-Premise – Own the Hardware and Software …
  2. 184 more words

The Future Of Subscription Model Businesses

What is the future for the subscription business model? Are subscription businesses going to grow or are customers going to avoid them? This article is going to look into the current trends and see what is likely to happen to the business model in the future. 610 more words

Subscription Billing