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The Cloud - Fit To Burst

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s definition of cloud computing identifies “five essential characteristics” which are essentially On-demand self-service, Broad network access, Resource pooling, Rapid elasticity concerning storage and Measured service. 836 more words


Why cloud security is something businesses must take into their own hands

Security in the cloud is on a lot of people’s minds following the hacking of celebrities’ iCloud accounts. When we hear about user accounts on cloud services and SaaS applications getting compromised, we start thinking more about he types of security capabilities that cloud providers offer versus what they leave unaddressed, and where responsibility should lie. 784 more words

9 companies that are in big trouble if Salesforce Analytics is real

Enterprise software giant Salesforce.com has made its offerings into a sort of platform that other software companies can build on. And if Salesforce is indeed… 579 more words


Veracode Lands $40 Million in Funding From Wellington Management

Veracode, a software security company, said today it raised $40 million in new funding, and its CEO says it has begun exploring an initial public offering, which could happen as early as next year. 380 more words


Hey, software makers: Skip the sales team. Go freemium to build a $1B business

Can you build a billion-dollar enterprise-software company without a sales force? Today, not only is that possible, it’s preferable — at least for some types of software companies. 1,092 more words


Can Subscription And Advertising Models Work Together?

Business models are one of the most fundamental aspects of setting up a business. It is also one of the least understood area of creating and running a company. 669 more words


DRaaS requires new questions

In his recent column “DR-as-a-Service may be the Cloud’s Killer App” my colleague Eric Slack predicted that disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) will become the predominant cloud offering. 612 more words