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The Clean Coder : Teams and Projects

Your organisation might have several teams and several projects. It is important to know how to manage these 2 areas of your IT department in order to… 541 more words


The Clean Coder : Collaboration

Software are made by teams and collaboration is needed in order to be efficient and to produce quality.

Sometimes we choose to work in programming to deal with the predictable behavior of a machine and not with the messy relationships between humans.  340 more words


The Clean Coder : Pressure

When a surgeon is operating under pressure do you want him to stay calm and focused or to rush ? Professional developers are calm and decisive under pressure.  404 more words


The Clean Coder : Estimation

Developers have to estimate the amount of time required to complete their features. This is at the same time a simple and a frightening task because the business depends on them.  581 more words


The Clean Coder : Time Management

Programmers should spend most of their time writing code for their projects, this is their job. But on a 8 hours work day how much time do you actually spend doing this ? 880 more words


The Clean Coder : Testing Strategies

Professional developers test their application but not only with some unit tests and a few acceptance tests. These are components of a testing strategy.

Your company might have a… 406 more words


The Clean Coder : Acceptance Testing

Software craftsman do not only test their code through unit testing they also have to develop an application that meets the requirements defined by the business. 290 more words