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The Clean Coder : Practicing

Professionals practice their art with exercises to improve their skills. A musicians spend endless hours on their instrument between performances, athletes go to training between games. 251 more words


The Clean Coder : Test Driven Development

I’m sure you have already heard of Test Driven Development or TDD since it has been introduced in the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology in the late 90’s by… 282 more words


The Clean Coder : Coding

We are developers and by definition we code. For some of us it’s just a job, for others it is a hobby, … 711 more words


The Clean Coder : Saying Yes

The last entry of “The Clean Coder” was about saying “NO”, this time it is about saying “YES”.

This 3 letters word means a lot, especially in a work environment. 349 more words


The Clean Coder : Saying No

The Clean Coder” second chapter is about saying : NO !

I know that giving this word as an answer to your co-workers/bosses may sound highly unprofessional but on certain occasions not saying it can have much worst consequences. 384 more words


The Clean Coder : Professionalism

The Clean Coder” is a book for professional programmers (says the subtitle) so the first chapter is about professionalism as a software developer. 252 more words


The Clean Coder : Book presentation

I know I’m a developer but my first blog post will not be about programming.

I’ll talk about a book… Wait ! Don’t leave ! This book is called “ 148 more words