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What Software Craftsmanship means to me

I don’t feel comfortable calling myself a Software craftsman, I am more like a journeyman striving towards one day becoming a software craftsman. And this is a journey and experience that makes me get up everyday to go do work I enjoy. 690 more words

Software Development

Quality is too serious to be left in the Craftsmen's hands!

First contact

I must confess I have something of an ambivalent relationship with the ‘Software Craftsmanship‘ movement. My first contact with it was the discovery of some post about ‘developer’s pride’. 475 more words


Effective learning techniques for software craftsmen

Go in one ear and out the other

Programming languages, operating systems, SQL, NoSQL, web frameworks, Spring, Java EE, HTML, JavaScript, Agile methodologies , you name it. 498 more words


10 best practices from top coders at Google, Pinterest & more

At VentureBeat’s DevBeat conference next week, we’re doing things a little differently. You won’t be invited to speak on stage if you can’t code, and we’re setting up practical workshops so you’ll actually learn something and not just be lectured to. 1,415 more words


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The only way to go fast is to go well.

- Robert C. Martin

Uncle bob is a big advocate of writing high quality code or…

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Clean Code

Primary Skill of Senior Engineers

“The primary skill of senior engineers is to train junior engineers. If you’re senior with no junior around, you’re not senior.”  (Jérôme Petazzoni tweeted this… 232 more words

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