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Service Layer

Figure 1. Layered application architecture of a typical web application

In my previous blog posts, I have written about the Core J2EE design patterns an application MUST use… 67 more words

Software Architecture

SEI Offers Course on Big Data

Software Engineering Institute (SEI) research forms the foundation for a new one-day course from the SEI, Big Data: Architectures and Technologies.

To learn more, see this… 37 more words

Software Architecture

Dependency Injection in ASP.NET vNext


Microsoft changed the way how dependency injection (DI) is done in ASP.NET vNext. In previous versions of ASP.NET there were different entry points for user defined classes like the… 3,300 more words


Caching Strategies

Caching is commonly used in applications for storing frequently accessed data which does not change very often, for example configuration data or metadata of application. The cached data is stored in-memory in the application server to reduce the number of database calls. 533 more words

Software Architecture

Link Roundup, 11/12/14: Minimum Viable Architecture

Minimum Viable Architecture

In his Introduction to Minimum Viable Architecture, Savita Pahuja at InfoQ recalls an older blog by Kavis Technology that described the role of agile methods as serving a balancing function between the minimum viable product and the minimum viable architecture. 202 more words

Software Architecture

Choosing a technology because it's popular

In the ideal world a technology will be selected on its own merits alone. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and every technology has to work in a specific situation. 325 more words