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Atomic software patterns

Software engineering, really?

It’s typical of software engineers to feel a little apart in the company of engineers of other specialties. Why? Because engineering and software don’t really get along that nicely. 841 more words

Software Design

Software Architects & Designers

Some days back when I was discussing something with my friend over a coffee we had this question. His idea goes like this – “All developers when they become seniors, they do design the system. 400 more words


Think before you act (or code)

When you have a good idea, there is a huge temptation to just jump right into it and get started. When the project you’re working on is tiny¬†and guaranteed never to grow beyond that, jumping right in may even be the most effective way to get the task done. 827 more words


Hash codes and Equality in the .NET Framework

This is one of those topics that all developers use nearly every day without being often aware of. Now it’s quite rare that you need to deal with hash code and override Equals. 341 more words

Software Design

What are anti-patterns?

It is just opposite to design patterns. Many times user will not be aware that his code contains an anti-pattern(s).


1) Golden Hammer:

A team gained a high level of competence on a particular tool or product or language, referred here as golden hammer. 138 more words

Software Design