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SATURN 2015 Proposal Guidelines

One of our goals every year with SATURN is to create a solid technical program that is informative, engaging, and lasting. When evaluating proposals for the program, the review committee uses the following guidelines to help decide whether a proposal is a good match for this year’s conference. 433 more words

Software Architecture


So what is this database all about? And why pick it out of the many around?

Well to back up a bit, when I started building my excel sheets up I realised that it was a lot of work just formatting the damn thing. 493 more words


Link Roundup, 9/8/14: Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture

Since James Lewis and Martin Fowler published their article on Microservices in March 2014, the microservices architecture pattern has been the subject of much debate in the blogosphere: Is there a good definition for it (or not), is it another form of SOA (or not), is it an answer to the monolith (or not), is it a fad or the next big thing? 226 more words

Software Architecture

The Angle Bracket Tax

The following C++14 code fragment represents a general message layout along with a specific instantiation of that message:

Side note: Why won’t a C++98/03 compiler accept the above code? 211 more words


Making your own engine

Before I embarked into making To The Stars, I was of the idea that, if you want your game to be perfect and the mechanics that it has to feel unique and not feel like rehashes of something else, you have to make your own framework or even engine, if you’re that much into wasting your own time. 465 more words

Software Design

The Meta-Documentation Dilemma

In his terrific “Effective architecture sketches” slide deck, Simon Brown rightly states that you don’t need UML to sketch up your software architecture. However, if you don’t, you need to consider… 102 more words


Jørn Ølmheim and Harald Wesenberg on Teaching Architecture Metamodel-First, George Fairbanks, SATURN 2014 Presentation

By Jørn Ølmheim and Harald Wesenberg
Statoil ASA

We were fortunate enough to be able to participate at SATURN 2014. For Jørn, this was his first time at SATURN, while for Harald it was the fourth SATURN conference. 460 more words

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