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Strategic IT & Product Development Leader (in PA) Candidate Profile

IT Executive with 10 years of Organizational Change, Performance Optimization, and Innovative Solution Delivery experience:

  • History of solid career progression, earning most recent promotion to drive strategic change across a development organization…
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How Long Will It Take - Part II

This is a follow up post to How Long Will It Take.   I often read that we need to know the “all in cost” before embarking on an initiative.   473 more words

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How Long Will It Take?

“How long will it take?” is a question that gets asked often in many spheres of life.  Sometimes, we are able to answer immediately because “it” is something that we’ve done time and again.   459 more words

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How Much Will It Cost?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it’s critical to understand the nature of the work that one is engaged in or significantly dependent on to ensure that everyone (including both C-level executives and developers) have their needs met. 684 more words

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Minimizing the Error (Exception) in Web and Software development

Sometimes we create a code to execute for us. Let’s say, we create a calculator app. In which we have many classes; which include data and methods. 543 more words


Are Your Estimates Valuable?

Estimates are supposed to inform decision making by reducing uncertainty.  This also applies to the types of estimates developers are asked to provide.  Because estimates ( 262 more words

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Guesses, Estimating or Guesstimating - Part II

I’ve spent a good portion of this morning filling out multiple brackets for different pools before the start of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament. I couldn’t but help notice that the programs asked me to guess my picks. 447 more words

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