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Custom Software Development Companies with affordable rate

The Custom software development company in India, with the support of the distinctive development instruments their effective developers, make utilization of these specialized apparatuses to Custom web outline and create the product’s for more extensive managing chance of their buyers. 423 more words

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Are Projects Your Only Option?

It’s often suggested to me  (via Twitter, LinkedIn, work – thanks Karen),  that I’m anti-project managers in Agile (or Lean).  This is incorrect (although I am opposed to the way many project managers (and… 575 more words

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Vital Factors in selecting a custom software development company

An efficient and right software or web app enables running a business efficiently. Furthermore, it also allows more time in focusing on the business. Choosing the right development firm is the first step in the crucial path to acquiring custom software. 479 more words

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I had the chance to make it right, though I probably wouldn't accomplish much of anything.

Dear Uncle JD,

I have been in my current role of Senior Developer for a software agency for about a year now. As my job title suggests, I should be someone who makes decisions and also improves the software methodologies of the organisation. 667 more words

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Analyze our needs before hiring software development company

Procuring an accomplished software development company is basic for your ventures yet there are a few things that customers need to deal with before they procure any… 393 more words

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Why bug free development? (part two)

In the previous post I talked about how we need bug free development from a management perspective. However, that is not the only point and actually, I got convinced we needed bug free development developing software and I realized only later that it would have addressed other problems as well. 721 more words

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What are some of the best practices that should be used in the development of software projects?

When companies undertake software implementations, they don’t anticipate failure regardless of the risks associated with such complicated undertakings. Instead, they plan for success governed by budget, deliverables, expectations and go-live deadlines. 485 more words