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SendPaySlip Android Mobile App

Bizvise built this app that calculate the exact amount of money your company is paying in total (including Employer EPF + Socso contributions etc) based on the basic salary of your new hiring. 128 more words


Use my Agile? It is the culture, Stupid!

When organisations have an inefficient software project management practice or are struggling with never-reducing backlogs, they consider to adapt Agile. Then they bring some Agile consultants and expect some changes to happen. 374 more words


WCF Policy – Part 8: Making the Information Available on the Client

Our policy has its default behavior. All the information is collected, it just is not available to the developer yet. So let’s take care of that. 450 more words


Some Benefits of Quality Web Design

Your web portal is your online store which is always opened for the consumers and that also helps in getting popularity for your business. This has become the tendency of people that they prefer to give a look at your website to visit at your shop. 357 more words

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Benefits of Hiring Affordable Software Development Company

IT Development Company that has a reasonable experience in software development has become the need of the hour. This is because it gives value to the requirements of the users. 480 more words

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BBC News: 'Forensic holodeck’ recreates crimes in 3D

I saw this on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

‘Forensic holodeck’ recreates crimes in 3DResearchers have developed a virtual reality system that recreates crime scenes as virtual worlds.


Safe Coding: const

During the course of my career I have spent countless hours chasing many assorted bugs. The largest and most damaging always seems to be during the initial development of a new project, just after the hardware arrives. 271 more words