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Review of Three Natural Language Processing Services: AlchemyAPI, OpenCalais, Semantria

I have posted an article reviewing three NLP services, AlchemyAPI, OpenCalais, and Semantria.  You can read more here.

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ERP Software Company Delivers About Good Change

ERP will always carry about change whether we want to or not. So just agree to the unavoidable because when it’s ERP, there will always be change and it will impact the perform projects, the business, the business earnings, and if the earnings are important, the settlement as well. 185 more words

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On naming

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

– Phil Karlton

At work a teammate and I have a long running joke about how we disagree with identifier naming.

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Building an Android application (without errors) - Setup

As mentioned during last post, Mobile computing is here to stay, and looking at the market numbers we can safely bet that Android is going to rule the roost for years to come. 600 more words

Installing PhoneGap for Android on Windows 8

It took my quite some time to install the latest PhoneGap (2.9.1 as for now) for Android on Windows 8. I’ve found this Blog particularly useful. 38 more words

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Six things to learn from the iTunes Story

I just read the iTunes chapter of Steve Job’s bio last weekend and it just completely full of business lessons. Here are some I observed: 337 more words

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