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Oracle FIXED_DATE and timestamps

If you need to set and lock the system time in Oracle, you can use the ALTER SYSTEM SET FIXED_DATE command. The string format for the date is either YYYY-MM-DD-HH24:MI:SS or the current NLS_DATE_FORMAT for the session. 174 more words

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Why a JVM on a VM?

This morning during my workout-procrastinating flip through my twitter feed, I came across Thoughts on Five Years of Emerging Languages. It is a fairly quick read which takes an interesting angle on the rather pedestrian set of language features implemented in Go as outlined in… 325 more words

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Message ordering in the face of failure

Another day learning and coding and another interesting problem!

While designing a distributed message queue, I decided to use vector clocks to preserve message ordering when producers are talking to a different quorum of nodes. 769 more words


MVC Antipatterns : Models Antipatterns

Here are some excepts from Rails Antipattern book that I have reading lately. Even though the examples are specific to rails, the fundamental principles applies to pretty much any MVC framework. 96 more words


You say you want a revolution..

“Well, you know. We all want to change the world”

My title on LinkedIn is “Reluctant Architect”. This should not be considered a reflection about how I feel about my job, the company I work at, or the work that I do. 2,129 more words

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Complexity is the biggest enemy of successful projects

Curiosity killed the cat & complexity killed the project !!

The importance of simplicity in application development is paramount. Complexity is the number-one killer of projects today, and it comes into an application in many ways, including through excitement over new features, overly clever developers, and unfamiliarity with the Ruby on Rails framework.

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Change or Die

This article was originally published on 20th August 2014 at sulware.com

One of the things I’ve always loved and dreaded about technology is the speed at which it constantly evolves. ¬† 1,438 more words