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These are the undergraduate schools that land you the best jobs

LinkedIn released an update today to its platform of tools aimed at university students, part of an ongoing effort to hook job seekers early, put soon-to-be and recent college graduate in front of recruiters, and become part of the college search process. 272 more words

Multi-Device Hybrid Apps with Gantt Chart Hyper Library

Microsoft® has recently added support for multi-device software development using a single HTML5, JavaScript®/TypeScript and Apache Cordova™ based source code base, although in preview form at this time (and requiring… 177 more words

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The Technology Generation.... or the Distracted Generation

Tap Tap Tap. You type away at your phone, texting a friend when you are with two others. You sit on a park bench and try to take the best picture for Instagram, and scroll through the many filters to enhance your picture. 247 more words


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Well, I believe each generations tries to distinguish themselves from the previous one. Trying to find something that our parents arent into so we can call our own. Its very normal. In fact, technology has generational cycles that grows faster than anything thing else. And new regardless of technology or something else is seen as young, exciting and fun. And we all strive towards these characteristics. We are all SOLD on these things...

Masuk Jurusan Komputer Sia-Sia? Kata si A yang Tidak Pernah Kuliah Computing

Baru-baru ini sempat ramai dibahas di timeline FB ku mengenai artikel si A yang dengan lantang menyatakan bahwa kuliah di jurusan komputer itu sia-sia belaka. Judulnya yang provokatif membuatku akhirnya memutuskan untuk membaca celotehan beliau. 603 more words

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Microsoft Skips Windows 9 To Emphasize Advances

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The next version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system will be called Windows 10, as the company skips version 9 to emphasize advances it is making toward a world centered on mobile devices and Internet services. 429 more words


Website scraping with JSoup and XMLBeam -- Part 2

In the last article I covered XMLBeam for scraping a not so well formed HTML site which gave me a lot of pain. Now I’ll look at the same task implemented with JSoup. 933 more words

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Staying Healthy

As the world continues to rotate round its axis and re-position itself further from the sun, we tend to experience a flux of temperature ch… 203 more words

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