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Keeping the Train on Schedule

The Protagonist

Joe was a decent developer. He generally got his work done on time, kept skills up to date, helped out coworkers… all standard things that a developer should do. 439 more words

Software Engineering

The Factory Method Pattern

I’m currently building an interactive wheel graph much like this one created by folks at Facebook.  My first instinct was to simply fork the Facebook wheel graph and modify it to suit my purposes.   446 more words

Design Patterns

Software Engineering

Hello friends,

Here is another ebook for Software Engineering.

In case of any doubt, you can contact me.



Software Engineering

Distance Learning

.NET Development Tools

This post is a running list of NET development tools I’ve found useful over the years.

Reflector – See Codeplex Plugins http://reflectoraddins.codeplex.com/

JetBrains Resharper FxCop StyleCop… 65 more words

Software Engineering

Legend of Luth Developer Update

Lately I’m working more on learning XNA and making stuff in preparation for when Legend of Luth goes graphical, which is still a ways out at the moment. 209 more words

'SOLID' Principles of OO

And I thought I have already read all the key things that were ever written about OO design…after all i handcrafted code for several years in my previous avatar…i have been through the design patterns boulevard and know that GoF has got nothing to do with Girls Or Friends… 104 more words

Software Engineering

Gamified Software Development

In the recent past I have been learning about “Gamification”. I started thinking if I can think of a development process instead of the regular way how it would be? 360 more words