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Deranged Cat's guide to being a startup CTO/Sr. Software Engineer/etc.

Learn how to be a startup CTO, software developer/engineering etc. (i.e. your the first “techie” in your company and have no clue what you got into) the easy way so you do not become a deranged cat. 38 more words

Cloud Computing

Link Roundup, July 29, 2014: The Cloud

The Cloud

The Future Looks “Foggy” for Cloud Computing: Greg Otto at FedScoop reports on cloudlets and cyberforaging, potential solutions for bandwidth problems at the edge of the cloud, from a talk given by the Software Engineering Institute’s Grace Lewis at the  100 more words

Software Architecture

Anthony Tsakiris on Facilitating the Mini Quality Attributes Workshop, Will Chaparro and Michael Keeling, SATURN 2014 Presentation

by Anthony Tsakiris
Ford Motor Company

Architecture development activities as presented in books, articles, and classes are sometimes “heavy” – that is, they require a lot of time and people resources relative to what is available. 285 more words

Software Architecture

Video: Shoes talk at JRubyConf 2013

Finally the video of my talk at JRubyConf 2013 in Berlin is online. It was my first full length talk at a conference, I gave it almost a year ago – some difficulties with the video material and getting it online caused this delay. 78 more words


The Rise and Fall of Ideologies in Software Development

I find in science that there are few things are more fashionable than software development. Software developers are not known for their orthodoxy. Unnatural sleeping hours, caveman-esque subsistence, hippy fashion, beer and pizza stereotypes aside, most have a tendency to be infected with with rabid evangelistic fever towards a particular cult of software development one year, only to find themselves stunned by alternative methodologies and processes the next. 450 more words

Software Engineering

How To : Use Azure BizTalk Services to Integrate with an On-Premises SAP Server

Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services provides a rich set of integration capabilities enabling organizations to create hybrid solutions such that their customer or partner facing applications are hosted on Azure, while the data related to customers or partners is stored on-premises using LOB applications. 3,377 more words