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The Summer After

Where was Wolo all summer? I returned from my semester abroad to my family’s Virginia home and took on a software engineering internship with a DC tech company called Fluencia. 73 more words


An insight on how to fix technology's Damaso Effect

I’m going to start this analysis by focusing on a negative pattern of behavior that seems unrelated to technology’s Damaso Effect.

The Misogyny Loop

I know someone (I’ll call him “Stan”) who’s about 30 and has never been in a relationship that lasted longer than about six months. 4,855 more words

Office Politics

RIME : What is it?

What is a Remote Image Manipulation Environment? It’s a full year engineering project that myself and 3 others are developing and implementing over our final year at the University of British Columbia. 385 more words


Enabling Information Arbitrage With Information Management

Arbitrage. That word is familiar to anyone who has ever done any trading. The strategy? In its purest form, it’s executing trades that take advantage of pricing differences caused by market inefficiencies. 457 more words


IPython Notebook Clipboard Extension

I was so excited when I got the image pasting to work in my IPython Notebook, (although now I can’t find any mention of it on Healthy Algorithms…) but then things changed and I didn’t keep up, and it stopped working for me for a while. 85 more words

Software Engineering

Software Engineering vs Software Craftsmanship

Software Engineering vs Software Craftsmanship

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