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PEARL VII : Agile measurement methods for Software Quality


The methods of measuring software quality in an agile environment are drastically different from tactics used in traditional IT landscapes.  How to effectively measure Agile S/w development  Quality in Agile Enterprise is dealt here.
Software Quality

Is my writing useful and/or interesting?

As I have started writing again, it would be helpful to know if I am writing just for me or if the path I am beginning is useful to others. 56 more words


A welcome boost for agile in government

By Tony Collins

David Wilks, Digital Performance Manager at Government Digital Service, which is part of the Cabinet Office, says there has been “incredible” interest in clarified guidance that makes it easier for departments to obtain funding for agile projects. 440 more words


Software Quality: Accumulation of risk

Any artifact which leads to the code base being opened adds risk of decreased quality. The more defects, new features or enhancements that are worked on during the cycle, the more risk accumulates. 258 more words


Perhaps a little calculus?

Just kidding, I think.

There are two models which seem to be effective at driving improvement. The first is an accumulated total.
The second is the rate of change. 180 more words


What should be measured?

This is a complicated topic that I will start exploring this week.
The key thing to keep in mind is that it is important to keep everyone’s eye on the goal and not blindly manage to a number. 70 more words


Learning Test Automation: Choice? Or Compulsion?

by Lakshmi Kirthivasan, software QA engineer

Our team at Bridge360 is very focused on quality in the software production process. Expertise in all forms of testing helps us provide our customers with a higher quality product, so it’s critical that we have expertise in testing. 374 more words