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.net C# Code Review Checklist

I had to do code review on quite a few projects. Interestingly, I wasn’t able to find a good and reliable “Code Review checklist” for .Net/C#, so I compiled my own. 770 more words

Software Quality

How to Quickly Solve Technical Problems With “Straw Man” Technique

by Chris Durand, CTO

Are you looking for new way to solve pressing technical problems? Well, I’ve found one, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a fast way to start a problem-solving process. 707 more words


Quality Under Constraints: Making the Best of It

Lately I’ve been seeing news reports that illustrate the difficult environment that most quality professionals operate in. Here’s one example: executives from the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) were recently called to testify before the US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to address recent, highly-publicized delays and whistle-blower complaints. 544 more words

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Os testadores de software devem ser os porteiros ou guardiões da qualidade?

Hoje vamos começar sem churumelas!

Testadores de software são os porteiros ou guardiões da qualidade

Em um processo de desenvolvimento cascata, já que os testes são realizados na última etapa do processo, os testadores acabam tendo que assumir o papel de guardiões da qualidade, tendo que categorizar corretamente os bugs mais críticos, fazer testes de última hora, trabalhar alguns finais de semana, testar correções de bugs e seus impactos, dentre outras tarefas. 412 more words

The Exciting Potential Of Agile Software Development

by Morgan McCollough, Senior Software Engineer

In the first week of June, I made the trek to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to attend the… 642 more words


Opening The Doors

A few months ago I read a blog article – “Why every tester should have a blog” and it kind of stuck in my mind… Should I have a blog? 222 more words

Why is it useful to think about an Omniscient Tester?

Assuming you’re not a deity (and if you are, I’m very honored that you’re readying my blog!), you’re not actually omniscient.  So why in the world would it be useful to think about how an Omniscient Tester would go about testing software?  366 more words

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