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The moving target - Performance Testing / Engineering in real world

When hungry, feed is the norm. But if you feel hungry frequently, does it mean that you have to feed more? Well, there may be a real problem in the system and I think we need to get to root cause rather than feeding more. 478 more words

Software Quality

Agile Testers Can Increase Their Value by Donning Many Hats

by Rema Sreedharakurup, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

It seems today that no discussion about software development is done until someone brings up ‘Agile.’ And for good reason, as Agile is all about agility – an Incremental and iterative delivery model which focuses on business value, encourages flexibility and rapid adoption to change. 723 more words


Testing Overview

This Describes the basic definition and concepts of Testing from software point of view.

What is Testing?

Testing is the process of evaluating  a system or  its component(s) with the  intent to find that whether is specifies the specified requirements or not.

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Software Assurance

How to run effective customer/supplier (SCM) quality meetings

I was recently asked about how to run effective customer/supplier quality meetings.  I’ve been on both sides of the table representing small and large, simple and complex products and projects. 582 more words


Increasing Velocity of Agile Teams

by Benjamin Frech, Senior Software Engineer

Increasing a team’s productivity is a ubiquitous goal. But, how do you achieve that goal?

To many, it may be tempting to use velocity as a measure of productivity, but the value of a story point can vary significantly over time. 458 more words


Codeception: A Clean and Simple Solution for Web Test Automation

by Troy Rudolph, Senior Software Engineer

The market certainly offers many test automation tools for testing in a variety of environments, but there is a relatively new one I particularly like for automated testing in web applications. 390 more words


.net C# Code Review Checklist

I had to do code review on quite a few projects. Interestingly, I wasn’t able to find a good and reliable “Code Review checklist” for .Net/C#, so I compiled my own. 770 more words