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Weather app finished

Today i have finished the weather app which was planned for 3 weeks. I have made two versions of the app using flash and after effects. 68 more words

Software Skills

Animated logo

We were asked to design a animated logo using processing and flash.

here is the animated logo done with flash: 


After making those two version of the same task, i prefer to use flash hence processing is really confusing and complicated to use. 12 more words

Software Skills

weather app

here are my animated weather apps one was done in flash and the other was done in after affects and i found it easyer to make it animated in after affects

Software Skills

Animated Logo

This is my animated logo that I made on Adobe Flash. It was quite simple to place the images and add a ‘Classic Tween’ to make the motion. 25 more words

Software Skills

animated logo

we were asked to create an animated logo and recreate it in another program, here i used processing and then recreated it in flash, i preferred using processing here because although it was annoyingly frustrating figuring out all the code it felt a lot more rewarding at the end of it

the flash version:

Software Skills

Weather app idea (static plan)

We’re were asked to draw down a basic idea for our weather app and show through text and imagery how it would transition from one screen to another, i used flash for this because flash tools are great for drawin

Software Skills


We were asked to make our own “mondrain” style art in Flash and Processing, this was relatively easy in flash as it was just click and drag to make the boxes, processing was slightly harder and i had to do some trial and error to get it right.

Software Skills