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First word of the Day: Query

noun: query; plural noun: queries

1. an action users run to gain a better understanding, filter, or inquire about stored in tables withing their . 142 more words


My Curvy Career Trajectory

Things have been fortuitously random in my life. My first love was music, and I would like to have made it my career. But, my body needs a lot of health care, and music is no way to make money. 930 more words


Why I Love Java

…it’s not just because I love being a contrarian.

For background see jwz’s delightful rant about Java. When I say I love “Java”, I mean only the langauge and perhaps sort of the security model. 317 more words


Ubuntu Tip - How to Disable the Overlay Scrollbars

Open a Terminal and type
“gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal”

Want your scrollbars back?

Open a Terminal and type “gsettings reset com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode”


Expose The Correct Interface (Even When Taking Shortcuts)

When you’re designing a data structure in C, you often want to be space-efficient. For example, consider a struct of bools:

typedef struct {
    bool isAwesome;
    bool isBiped;
    bool drinksCoffee;
    bool isFurry;
    bool hasRabies;
} Friend1;

typedef struct {
    uint8_t isAwesome:1;
    uint8_t isBiped:1;
    uint8_t drinksCoffee:1;
    uint8_t isFurry:1;
    uint8_t hasRabies:1;
} Friend2; 449 more words

You Won't Need Your Glasses To See Your Computer Screen With UC Researcher's New Software

BERKELEY (CBS) — There is help on the way for anyone who has to wear glasses every time they look at a computer, or a phone. 241 more words