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Pixelmator 3.2 Preview and Sale for $14.99

Preview of Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone is up as it is coming soon.

In developing an entirely new Repair Tool, we’ve used the latest breakthrough technologies that enable you to remove dust, blemishes and entire objects from your images with an unsurpassed level of precision and quality.

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What Are the Merits of Using School Management Software India?

School authorities face plenty of pressure because the range of recent changes within the system of in operation adopted by their competitors is increasing with every passing day. 233 more words

Facebook has pushed out version 9.0 of its iPhone application today, adding new features to the commenting system among a few smaller changes. The biggest change in this minor update allows users to reply to comments on pages that have enabled that specific feature. 121 more words


Why is Lean Principles gaining importance in Software industry? - Chandrakumar Raman, SPIN Chennai

The concept of Lean originated from the manufacturing industry as it focused on the theme of efficiency based on optimizing work flow. Lean principles evolved from Japanese manufacturing industry and the term was first coined by John Krafcik in a Fall 1988 article, "Triumph of the Lean Production System," published in the Sloan Management Review and based on his master’s thesis at the MIT Sloan School of Management. 1,009 more words


Ubuntu 14.04 is ready for a world filled with hi-resolution touchscreens and tablets

Has it truly been six months already? It feel like just yesterday we were kicking the tires on a fresh install of Saucy Salamander. Now Canonical is pushing out the latest version of its popular Linux distro. 172 more words


What Companies Are Using for Internal Social Media

One of the issues that got us thinking and writing about social media inside of companies was that although there is no shortage of platforms one could use as a platform for internal social media, none of them quite hit the mark.  154 more words